Thursday, 15 May 2008

What is more important than life?

When driving on the free way why do motorbikes drive between cars? Why can’t they use the far right small lane which is normally unused and it is not an emergency lane either? Is it illegal to do so? I have seen so many motorbikes involved in accidents as a result of driving between the cars. I am always aware of them on the road especially when they have their head lights on bright it makes it easier other motorist to monitor them on their rear view mirrors.

Earlier this morning just before 06h00, a black Volvo was joining the onramp at high speed right in front me. I was driving on the middle lane at about 70km per. That car came straight from the on ramp to the lane on my left going past in front of me on the middle lane and straight across to the right lane. On joining the right lane not to mention that it did not even indicate the intentions to change lanes a motorcycle had just passed me, and two seconds later what I saw was horrific.

The Black Volvo bumped the motor bike. The impact didn’t seem to be that much until what followed, the bike flew to the air like a piece of wood sending the biker soaring to a big lamp post and back to the far right small lane . On the ground he did not make any movement and I assumed he was dead. I immediately I stopped the car and ran to what looked like a lifeless body. By the time I reached him more people have stopped their cars and ran to help. To my relief he was still alive, he could still move his body including his feet.

There was a young lady whom when we all panicked and didn't know what to do was very calm. She took charge of the situation like and accident professional if there is any thing like that. I was very impressed she called metro police who took ages to come. Seeing that so many people were helping and they were coping I decided to leave as early as I could.

I have seen the Think bike guys pleading with the motorists on freeway bridges, on TV and on the radio, but by the look of things no one is listening. Lets respect them as we respect other motorists. I don’t want to imagine how many people were inconvenienced by just what happened this morning. One accident can cost one up to an hour on the road. Lets think bike.

Monday, 5 May 2008


The 1st of May in South Africa is treated mostly as just another holiday, for me I was even working on that day which is even worse. But under normal circumstances South Africans celebrate this day like this But in Turkey things are done differently, what the hell was going on there on Mayday? This reminds me of "Black power" which was later referred to as June 16