Friday, 14 November 2008


Un African, how often do you hear people say that it is not African to do this and that? It is un African not to greet and ask, “how are you” it is not African to eat alone when you have someone for company. Maybe SABC is unAfrican as well, I watched SABC TV with disgust during Beijing Olympics. They subjected people to extra ordinary delays that I even asked myself if the big wigs at the cooperation watch the crap they are dishing to the masses. Most SABC employees have pay TV’s in their homes, do you think the big wigs at SABC also watch it? Judging by what they dish I doubt that we eat the same dish with them. So is it fare that they give people crap and go home to watch their pay TV? Will they see a need to improve the product if they don’t need it themselves? How do you then convince people to pay they TV licences if you subject them to this? May be it is high time that we practice what we preach

Monday, 3 November 2008

Erratic leadership

The ANC have no one but themselves to blame for the position they are in. ever since the Polokwane triumph they were so erratic that they find themselves having to defending their positions every Monday. They tried to attack newspapers by claiming that they have a hidden agenda, but that didn’t stick as they were the ones were making minor mistakes and the newspapers took them up on them.

If you think back, the response of Gwede Mantashe to a newspaper article about Dikgang Moseneke. His response was so hushed up one could easy hear that he had never familiarised himself with the statement such is the lack of diplomacy in the man I use think of motlante he was asked about Jacob Zuma article in 2006.his response was swift but diplomatic, left newspapers with no chance to misquote him. Mantashe to his credit is more accessible to the media than Motlanthe but his comments have always black clashed.

After the ANC NEC decided to discard Mbeki Mantashe said as NEC they saw took the decision because they wanted to unite the ANC boy did they get that wrong?

This is the decision they will live to regret even if they don’t admit it. It is a decision, which was taken by an angry people headed by Mathew Phosa. Ironically Phosa was one of the best in the ANC for me and I was  very upset as an ANC followers when he was sacked.

Can someone explain why the ANC decided to use Mbeki ‘s letter to discredit Lekota and Shilowa. In the first place both Men made it clear that Mbeki had to part in their new movement. Now in a string of errors of judgment they decide to select favourable sentence, which were very few. Once again they   knew exactly that within their ranks they have people who were going to jump to Lekota’s movement over the weekend who could leak the letter to Lekota or even to the media. As the ANC was busy refusing to release the letter I already had the full nine-page letter in my email. The ANC leadership never saw that coming.

The ANC is battling to keep the movement together, instead of campaigning for the elections they are busy defending the statements they are making. Maybe now is the time for the ANC to focus on running the country and electioneering and stop these countless press conferences that always back fires. Maybe Motlanthe's strategy was the right one …talk only when it is absolutely necessary. Is Jesse Duarte the Spokesperson of the movement? Or Gwede Manatashe? Where is Tiyani Rikhotso? Only the organisation in crises can let its leadership do the spin doctoring... yet we are told "there is no crises". It is not surprising because we were told that there was to misunderstanding with the ANC until recently when they could not spin that any more. In any case I more likely to vote ANC again but they are not going to get the two-thirds majority which might be good for the country, but might vote is not guaranteed this time