Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Service to the people

Sa politics can be very interesting and sad sometimes. After election the ANC and its allies went all out to discredit the DA led province for its racist attitude. Hellen Zille didn’t cover herself in Glory either by appointing all men team for her province. That was when the kings of outrageousness (ANC Youth league) went all out telling the nation that she appointed boy friends and concubines so that she can sleep around with them (sleeping around not having sex… welcome to ANCYL interpretation of sleeping around)

it was not long before the ANC took a wrong turn every one with the exception of Finance minister were going for a bling whilst the nation is on fire. Angie”the Dogs” Motshega told the nation that she saved us by not using the maximum money available to her how sick is that. I kept on asking myself why all our MEC and minister become stranded as soon as they take office? Take the case of Ralehoko who had to register a car as soon as possible and be delivered even before it can be ensured. The rest is history…

The impression we were given is that there are no cars to transport our MEC. Enter Hellen Zille again she chose to go easy on a swag that the ANC is so hell bent on show boating to their peers that they can uses much as R150 000 only on pimping a car. I hear she chose to use a pool car as government have lots and lots of those parked doing nothing. She also asked his colleagues to do the same. This might be a political point scoring, gee she can score as much as she wants if she can save my money for ore important things. We pay a lot of money to pay some MK cadres who disguised as bodyguards for politicians for 24 hours. Is that necessary or just protocol? Zille will use them only on official duties. Those also make sense. Tiyani Rikhotso says they are “entitled” the same term that Mandela during his term of office told south African they throw it in the dust bin, not the new kids on the block. in time of reccession they don't see a need to tighten their belts and lead by example instead they are bragging, no wonder people are running riot.

Every Wednesday in front of High Court in Pritchard street & Kruis there is man wearing a Ndebele traditional gear mixed up with Zulu warrior weapons standing on a stool holding a small bible. Interestingly his personalised number plate reads "MJITA", what a contradiction. (Ndebele,Xhosa,Zulu warior , Bible and tsotsi taal right in the middle of Johannesburg.) I have asked myself so many times why is he wearing the African traditional cloths? Why so early when it is so cold in winter? Is he protesting? Against what? He looks poor in his traditional attire but the car he drives suggest otherwise. I hope I will have time to speak to him and find out what is his story. He is an interesting character. He seems to be representing some church or religion ( South Africa Prayer Embassy), but he is not preaching, as you would expect from a religious point of view.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

It's a Vuvuzela

Watching the US ‘World football challenge featuring the likes of Inter and AC Milan, Chelsea and Club America I couldn't help to notice that Vuvuvela has taken the World by storm. In the match between Inter and AC Milan Camera kept zooming on AC Milan fans that were blowing them like South Africans. Every time those guys appear the name of South Africa got a mileage on international scale how is that for a free marketing? In the match between Chelsea and Club America I didn’t see even one, but the blaring sound of south African plastic horn was even more deafening like Ellis Park where Bafana was featured. I must say the feeling was good knowing that not everyone abroad hates Vuvuzela and that the perception that it was for the lunatics is far from the truth

G numbers

G 8 or what ever number they are calling themselves of late has come and gone and leaders had nothing concrete to talk about because of the financial crises the Capitalist world finds itself in. Oh climate was top of the agenda and I hear they didn’t do a good job either n that front. A friend of mine use to tell me that if people start talking weather they are bored, but at most it is a better way to start a conversation to a stranger.

Weather affects us all isn’t it? I realised why the world Greeted the sacking of Mbeki with applause of democracy… that man was a pain in their back sides big time s he wanted them to account on their promises all the time something they are not used to. When the same thing happened in Honduras the world reacted differently why. They are comfortable with the Zolaya even though he threatens to change the constitution to increase his term of office. The world would like that because this time they will benefit especially the US.

This is exactly what happened in Madagascar Ravalomanana took over the reigns of government unlawfully. African Union (AU) initially didn’t recognise his government and later made a turn around, welcomed him and made him their comrade. Now Rajoelina is guilty of the same crime and now African union is starting to bite, too late though the damage is done . The world we are living in is messed up.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Is it because I am Black?

Diepsloot residents went on a rampage on Sunday because their local Councillor didnot address their Housing problems. Driving from Rodepoort to Pretoria I had to via Johannesburg just to be safe, as they had blocked the roads, burning tires looting biting up people, burning cars. This is the very same Diepsloot that was the ugly face of xenophobic attacks. What is wrong with black people? Do we have to go on Rampage destroying the little that we have to send a message to our leaders? It is so unfortunate that people who bare the brunt are the people that you claim to be fighting on their behalf. Hawkers, Vendors, Spazashop owners, kids and women had to run for cover as the protesters were on a looting spree taking by force what ever was on their way. News crew were not spared as the SABC car was burnt to ashes. Does this have to do with being poor or being black or both? Are we the only poor nation in the world that our leaders are failing? Africa is now in never ending conflicts, since it’s decolonisation Guns has never stopped… when is this going to stop?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Is it gonna be the Venus show again?

Today the Williams sisters are invading Russia right in the heart of England in Dinara Safina and Elena Dementieva. If they succeed they will meet in the finals that have featured at least one Williams sibling 9 times in the past 10 Wimbledon finals. Why is Safina number one in the world if she has not won even one major? When Andy Murry won his match why did id make breaking news in British TV? Does that mean no one expected him to win on home soil?

A mistake or a ligacy of the past?

Bryce Moon one of our future stars is in danger of going behind bars if his culpable homicide becomes murder and negligence driving after running over a domestic worker after partying. My curiosity is with what happened just after the accident. Apparently the late woman stayed there forever waiting to be transferred to the nearest hospital that will accept her. As a result of a long wait the woman passed away.

I then spoke to my brother who is a paramedic but not in Johannesburg. “ What happens if a poor person and a rich person are in accident?’ he told me they will quickly take both people to nearest hospitals that they can afford… meaning the one assumed to be rich will be taken to a private hospital the poor one to a public hospital no matter the condition. I then put race issue… if a black person and a white person are in the same accident what happens … an answer was very simple take the white person to a private hospital and take the black one to a public one and later see if the black one has a medical aid will be transferred to a private hospital and visa versa with the white person.

This to me that was very interesting why don’t they just take a person to the nearest hospital, when the person has stabilised then take him to what ever hospital he can afford? I that would be an easy way to save lives instead of thinking of profit in times of death.