Thursday, 27 March 2008

A win at last

At long last we beat the South American opposition after 8/9 attempts what a display of South African blend of football by Bafana bafana. It has never felt so strange to be a winner… that is how I felt last night as everyone else was rejoicing. Pereira was quick to tell us that we are not there yet but we are slowly getting there. Come 2010 it looks like we will have a team after all, but not according to Butana “shoot from hip” Khompela. There are few players who impressed me Kagisho, Bryce Moon, Moriri, Tshabalala and of course Teko Modise. To me that says PSL in not that bad after all or am I way ahead of myself I hope not.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The fat one

Phat Joe is back on air our Phat Joe forget about the Fat one from the US, but I am not sure why our celebrities name themselves after US stars I am thinking Phat Joe and Glen Lewis as prime examples. Enough about that, Phat Joe is doing a morning show on Kaya FM. That show reminded me of him whilst he was still slamming the hits at YFM breakfast he was pumping local music like no ones business he even made a Kwaito hit mix compilation. The cynicism in him later made me hate his style though, I remember watching Phat Joe Show, which was one of its kind before moving to SABC. Walter Mokoena of SABC Sport always reminds me of Phat Joe when he is cynical on Air but I always feel that it is a harmless childish disparagement on his part.

It was on Phat Joe Show on SABC where I began to really see that Phat Joe was in the bad space. That evening he had Mfundi Vundla of Generations Fame the interview was not what I expected from Mfundi and Phat Joe was making sure that his programme turns to be anti Etv rather than entertain. You will remember both Phat Joe and Mfundi were kicked out of Etv (Phat Joe show and Backstage) Thanks goodness SABC took it off air as well, but on air on Metro fm he was even worse. Kenny lost his job because Phat Joe was late with his crew, I hope no one will lose his or her jobs at Khaya FM. Ironically was impressed with the new Phat Joe on Kaya fm I hope he will keep strait and stay away from damaging controversy like he did on Yfm. Good luck Joe

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Phunya selesele

So Khabonina “Khabo”Zondo is back at Celtics as head coach. What a professional, this man never uttered one negative word about the management of the team despite being given platform left right and centre. What is really strange is that it is the people of Bloemfontein the fans who wanted him back. In his interview with Robert Marawa Zondo said he left the club because the Celtics management said Fans were not happy. So the fans hit back. Celtics fan are one bunch of good fans I can’t imagine Kaiser chiefs or Orlando Pirates fans doing that in good faith. Celtics and its Fans have a very special relationship that I think the whole nation can learn from them. Their act is not historical non-the less it is commendable.

Liverpool management also wanted Rafael Benitez out as soon as yesterday but fans had their way Rafa is still the manager at Liver pool. Celtics fans have shown maturity and understanding of the game over the last two years even when their team was in first division they showed their loyalty, when it loses games they continue to sing and dance until the last whistle just like New castle and inter Milan fans. Big up to Sewelele sama sele I hope management took this act in good spirit.

Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Oh what a night.

South African soccer is getting there slowly but surely. I remember in 2005 I would not bother to go watch Ajax Cape Town and Super sport playing. Super sort was playing a better football then under Pitso, but pitting it against club like Santo Ajax Swallows it was a disaster. Their games were boring to say the least. Last night I saw a game of football … attacking, skill drama and goals 5 to be precise. South African soccer lovers are not disappointing they go to football matches, which is good for our football. That was a good match especially as it was UEFA champion’s league night as well.

Two of my favourite teams in Europe were in action unfortunately they were facing each other. I am happy for Wengers Chickens they deserve to win they were unlucky in the 1st leg. I hope they can take that form to premier league and consolidate their position which look more and under threat from their biggest rival Man U. They are the first English team to win in San siro stadium. Which is the second history after their 5-1 drubbing of Inter Milan do you still remember that win?