Thursday, 27 October 2011

Is it Islamic? I don't think so

I watched with pure disgust as Libyans queue with their kids to watch deposed and maimed leader Muama al Ghadafi aka Bother leader. It is not because I sympathise with him nor has followers but because I am not used to that, it was a cultural shock to me. Muslims normally bury the dead within 24 hours at least they do that in South Africa. For rebel leaders to allow his decomposing body to be exposed to the elements so that they can satisfy their bloodthirstiness I am afraid to me they have shown that they are as bad.

When I was young I think I was around 12 years if not eleven, my friend and I used the “skiet rekker and old bed’s springs too shoot the white police man walking on our street like they owned it. One police man turned and realised we were skieting and them with these home made toys initially he just ignored us and that spurred us to action, then he turned again there was a gun shot, my friend collapsed next to me. I went into the house screaming that they have shot him that was the last time I saw him. Even on the day of his funeral children of my age were locked in the room and were not even allowed to peep through the window.
Now you understand where I come from, things have change even in South Africa kids go to the funerals where their class mater a friend or neighbour of their age is buried.

Seeing those kids with Cameras and cell phones taking pictures of Ghadafi was nauseating for me

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Reshuffling or ANC stinker

Every one from man on the streets to opposition parties welcomes President Jacob Zuma actions as brave and courageous. Helen Zille went as far as saying “it is better late than never”. Indeed his actions are commendable, but are it sincere?
Media sometimes focus on one issue like they have a vendetta. Remember when the media was focusing on Judge Hlophe going to constitutional court? He was not appointed Judge Mogoeng was, but when Mogoeng was interview for the head of Constitutional court there was a media outcry.

The fact that Gwen Mahlangu Nkabinde and Sicelo Shiceka have been fire sound very hollow to me, these guys are just going without any accountability. You remember that Sicelo Shiceka is still challenging public protectors findings. Therefore the president might be buying time to send these guys to foreign affairs as ambassadors. Who will win then?

It seems like our president is playing politics, he unleashed oil gate commission outcomes. When it turned out to be a non-starter he unleashed the second wave of attack by means of reshuffle. The second wave was not to hurt, but to help him to be seen as doing something against corrupt politicians.

Thula Nxesi has replaced Baloyi, we all know there is no love lost between Baloyi and Public servants. We know the song by workers when they are on strike “Samthata uBaloyi sambeka e pitoli now Voetsek” now his comrades will be saying “Voetsek” to him. This was done in order to buy sometime from COSATU, which seems to be a divided house every time they communicate to the media.

If there is any winner in this it is Advocate Thuli Madonsela who kept her feet on the ground when the media was trying to make celebrity out of her. She went about her work