Friday, 27 November 2009

Is khosi for life worth that tag?

I am a fan, but since the Jabu Pule saga they have never recovered they have never played as posed any threat to any team. They have set their standard so low it is not funny anymore. I think it is okay to have a family business run by family members, but I think Kaiser has just taken it to another level. You can’t have an incompetent son as a team manger of a big club like Kaiser chiefs, a brilliant daughter as a prodigy of some marketing manager, under performing son playing in the field and a daughter with no clue about television producing a clubs monthly TV programme.

Bobby don’t deserve to be a the team manager, Jessica strikes me as this brilliant hard working young woman who deserve better at Chiefs. I am sure if we can remove this stereotype of no women can run a soccer team successfully. We can see what a good manger this woman could be. Nastasia did with aplomb at Sundowns, Rocky Dlala left it to her sister Mato to do it and her record speaks for itself. Her team is the least team to fire coaches they are true to their identity, I can talk until the cows come home. Ria Ledwaba did with some success even though I am not sure if she can be proud of her record.

Maybe Bob steak can do a better job in marketing instead of all these shenanigans he is doing at Chiefs currently. I am disappointed in Kaiser in allowing this to take so long. There is no hope that Steak is learnt anything from Kaiser who ran that team whilst he was a player and coach at the same time. I remember Nastasia Chiklass on Sports centre mentioning this one evening for different reasons of course, but I could not agree with her more. We buy under performing players we pump them with so much money they can’t play anymore. The less we talk about boardroom politics and court cases the better. Can Kaiser see that things are not happening and change in desperately needed around?

Monday, 23 November 2009

Are you ready for 2010

Now that the Flags of 32 nations that have qualified for World cup have been hoisted, even the doubting Thomas’s must accept defeat. The world cup is not going to Australia. I think David Bullard wanted to the world cup to go to Australia with all his heart. He wrote in more than one occasion about fans who will leave in body bags come 2010 if FIFA dare allowing South Africa to host World cup. Ironically in his brave hospital bed after he was attacked he said he was going nowhere SA is his home. Most white people are paranoid by the scourge of violent crime and they think blacks are not affected. Blacks are not immune but they have lived with crime all their lives.

Why are we so negative about our country, this questions positivism amongst South African about the World cup? When you watch foreign TV channels you see how much they put in ensuring their viewers know about South Africa not only about soccer but about all that will help them enjoy in between soccer matches. I watched CNN one evening and I was impressed with what some of South Africans a doing to attract foreign visitors to their towns. Is it not time now for all South African to show the world that Africa is capable? Keeping our streets clean will be a good start don’t you think.

CNN reported that the coastal town of Walvis Bay has gone a step further. They are doing everything possible to attract South American Spanish speaking teams to use their town as their base during world cup. The city mayor and the community as well as tourism industry are looking beyond 2010. They want to ensure that the fans and sports personnel come back to their town after 2010 as tourists. To ensure a better hospitality more than anywhere in the country, the residents are taking free Spanish lessons so that they can interact with tourists. Traffic officer were the first ones to take these lessons.

Few years back I spoke to then Secretary general of National Council of Trade Unions (NACTU) Mahlomola Sikhosana who suggested that to prepare for the world cup the national government should invest in teaching the unemployed youth the major European languages, as they would come in handy during the World for visitors and beyond. It is not a secret that major European languages are spoken all over the world (we all know the history behind that) He said this would help the youth to help translate for the visitors during and after the world cup. Since we are envisaging that after the world cup fans will come back, the lessons will then be used continuously to help tourists understand our country better. I thought that was practically impossible until I saw it on TV that it is possible. What are you doing in you community to ensure that the World cup legacy touches your community? Are you waiting for the government to set the agenda? You might just be too late we are less than 200 day to the Soccer show piece


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Police are victims too

Over the past few weeks we experienced a serious media assault on police for serial offences of shooting innocent people and bystanders. To my Knowledge they have been doing this all along. Ask Independent Complains Directorate (ICD) in KZN they will tell you about countless number of cases they have been dealing with over the years. We must admit that there are those police who have little regard for the law and lives. What has changed is the media attention to vilify Bheki Cele and Nathi Mthetwha on the use of deadly force against criminals. Just like in the case of Zuma where the media led everyone to believe that the judge said, “there was a generally corrupt relationship” between Zuma and Shaik, the media again has coined the “Shoot to kill” as if it is Cele and Mthethwa who said it like that.

Media set the agenda and what they say over and over again becomes the gospel as the “ generally corrupt relationship” tag line proved. In Jeppestown massacre when police were murdered like animal the media was concerned that the police killed those murderers after they had surrendered. This made more headlines than the death of men and women who died trying to protect you and me.Few weeks ago Captain Scheepers pointed a gun at a criminal and ordered him to drop the gun. Do you think that criminal cared to listen? Captain Scheeper was shot dead. What made headlines the following morning was the fact that Captain Scheepers was not wearing a bulletproof vest, how sick is that? They stopped short of saying he brought this to himself. Between 2007and 2008 staggering 213 police we gunned down by criminals and still counting for 2009, but this did not make headlines because it is not sensational.

I have heard Bheki Cele on numerous occasions saying police should kill when they are in Danger or the public is in danger. He questions Section 49 of police Act. I also do, what if a criminal is running away from the scene carrying an AK 47 do we then say he pose no thread. Let him go until we have a proof that the AK 47 in his hand is not for decorating the streets? Section 49 should be clear on that as to when to shoot, but when you are under threat you know and you should act. There will be isolated incidents of police who go out of hand and I think ICD is there for that.

We can’t allow trigger-happy police to act with impunity. We need a holistic approach where as civilians we can help the police to send criminal to where they belong. Stolen goods are a hot property in our townships; in a country where 23% of the population is unemployed most want to keep up with the Jones’ in a country where materialism is everything. Let’s stop glamorising criminals I am not sure how many time have I read Sowetan telling its reader about the shoes and the cars the Mashobane “King of Bling” girlfriend was driving. It is this kind of reporting that is disappointing; instead of discouraging criminality we boost it by giving it the positive image. Instead of the main focus being on a criminal who is running out of time as a free man we put a spin by looking at his assets (needless to say accumulated trough blood sometimes even of police men & women)

Even the ministers are not helping with their push for more bling. Our ministers choose to buy the most expensive cars which have been assembled elsewhere when we actually assemble good cars in our back yard, Ask Blade Nzimande and Trevor Manuel where their cars were assembled you will be shocked. Will it not be better if they were helping to create jobs by buying local other than fuel inflation further.

We need a solution blaming shoot to kill won’t solve problems we are approaching Christmas and every criminal want to have a good Christmas and that is very terrifying for ordinary people. I think police intelligence post apartheid is poor, it need to be beefed up to minimise the killing of innocent people, further education is a must for police as crime changes all the time, some of the police can not even take a proper statement from a victim and this lead to high failure rate of convictions. But ordinary people should come on board in most case we know criminals in our midst.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How safe are we?

Is it not interesting that Gauteng government under Qedani Mahlangu dep’t abdicated their responsibility long time ago on Zimbabweans who live in the Methodist Church? Bishop was struggling alone with them until recently when the government decided to pay them an unannounced visit. What was striking from what they were saying was that they were united in calling for the closure the place of safety. Do they have buildings to relocate these refugees now? Since early this year Qedani and crew promised to move these people to other buildings. Now they complain that the place is not safe, but those people feel safer than out in the streets where the government is planning to relocate them to. If they care so much why did it take so long for them to think of those kids, if they care so much why did they fail to relocate them earlier. Do they have time for them now? Do they have a building for them now? When people get fat salaries to service people they should do that and not wait until the problem get out of hand. Ineptitude is the problem of our office bearers, but they never see that because they are too important. We are waiting to see what they are going to do with those destitute.

Monday, 12 October 2009

Labor Brokers and Unions

As early as May we knew that the honeymoon was over when Zwelinzima Vavi told a press conference that Zuma better hold on to Polokwane gains and election promises (that included abolition of labour brokers) if he still wanted their (Alliance) support. Labor brokering is on every ones lips right now for all the wrong reasons. I have known about labour brokers since 2003, I think the first real job that my wife got was through a labour broker which I never understood how they work. She did not pay anyone to get that job and she was not expected to pay any thing, in fact her relationship with that agent ended when she got the job.

Labor broker are causing a lot of harm to the unemployed as they hire and fire as they wish and they have become employers themselves. The ANC U-turn on the banning of labour broker infuriated a lot of COSATU heavy weights. At the same time the ANC is carefully using Blade Nzimande and Gwede Mantashe as a buffer zone to test and keep in check the hostilities in the Alliance and they are doing a sterling job at pulling wool over workers. They were the loudest in the latest COSATU 10th national Congress held at Gallagher estates. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that for COSATU this is about survival hence they want to hang on to the soldiers as their members.

Over the past 15 years COSATU has lost a lot of members in the private sector. This has weakened COSATU heavily in the private sector and the main culprits are labour broker and casualisation as big business try to hang on to their hefty profits whilst spending less and less on labour. The only sector that has kept COSATU going is the public sector. They can’t afford to lose South African Security Forces Union SASFU instead they want to robe in South African National Defence Union SANDU and the doctors in their books. It does not look like is about workers right to me ,but is about survival.

Most interestingly during COSATU congress in Gallagher estates, NUM members who work for Murray and Robert in one of the mines in Rustenburg wanted to gate crash the Congress to give Vavi they grievances because the NUM had failed them. They told me they were kicked out of their hostel by hired prison inmates and now they live in tents provided by the municipality in that city. As they were plotting to storm the gathering NUM national leaders were busy pleading with them not to do so.

This came in the heals of another attack on NUM officials in the same city, but from a different mine. As we speak one of those leaders who were attacked by their own members is still in hospital. Num is one of the biggest unions in COSATU and these events tell us that unions are becoming easy on employers to keeps number of member high. How do you explain a scenario where workers turn against their leaders?

Friday, 2 October 2009

Is he in or out?

Can South Africa afford to lose a coach now? Most Soccer lovers think there is no turning back. When Santana come from his latest trip from Europe it will be his last ...that is if the likes of Mninawa Ntloko are to be believed. Every one seems to be vying for his this poor man’s blood. Not for the first time in our 17 year history. The list of coaches can make a team complete with its reserves. What have south Africa achieved after firing coaches closer to big tournaments? Nothing but another learning curve thinks is high time that South Africa stick to the man of their choice and at least not renew his contract when it expires. I am beginning to wonder if we do have players to compete at the highest level. If we can’t beat the likes of Madagascar convincingly.

Carlos Alberto Pereira was beginning to be comfortable after a long haul of be called a “world cup failure with the best in the what is he going to do with South Africa” indeed he nearly left too soon I guess he could smell the coffee and jumped before he was pushed. A friend of mine who is a Nigerian always tell me that the all conquering Super Eagles of 1994 were not the best team of to come out of Nigeria. He claims that most players were average players whom Westerhof thought them to be disciplined. He says a good team come out of a team that doesn’t keep on changing and I think Santana knows that too. Such players a craving for bigger tournaments and we have seen the glimpse of that during Confed cup. Sanity prevailed and the team was given a chance to perform at a big tournament with their coach and that was history. Can we continue then stick to Santana whom I must confess I never liked as soon as I was told he didn’t have national team experience. He is here now lets support him.

Who is racist in Mzansi?

Are we obsessed with race or South Africa is the worst country when it comes to race relations. I cant remember hoe many times did I read about race. Sowetan interview Akhona Ndungane (originally from Gxulu in Libode) and they asked him about racism in the Blue Bulls camp. Of course they were hoping for an exclusive on race relation in the Afrikaner City of Pretoria. Later I read that COSATU is complaining about some Northwest farmers who continue to persecute poor farm workers like they are stray animal on their land.

I watched Cricket when South Africa was being humiliated by England nogal, and the following day I read a column, which was slamming JP Duminy for playing poorly in Star newspaper. In my view it was not an unfair comment, even though I believed that South Africa was let down by it’s bowlers who conceded more 600 runs in two matches. But wait until I read a letter from a Cricket follower who saw it from the racism point of view. He says that after the match they were batting on who will be found guilty by a white columnist the following morning. They assumed that a white columnist would pick on a Black player. Of course Rodney Harman didn’t disappoint.

Are we living in a screwed up country or are we paranoid? How often did you hear about reverse racism from white people when it comes to job-hunting yet more blacks feel as if things have never change.

Friday, 25 September 2009

Bra Hugh

Hugh Masekela, South Africa’s world class legendary musician received a special Labour Media Award at the cultural event of Cosatu’s 10th national congress at Gallagher Estate in Midrand. The award was presented to Masekela for his song “Stimela” which tells about story about migrant workers from neighbouring countries who travel on the coal train to work on South Africa’s mines. The song, a popular favourite and a regular on Masekela’s concert repertoire is heart-wrenching as it tells about the hardships and conditions that these mineworkers faced on the mines, living in flea-ridden compounds – especially during the Apartheid era.

In receiving the award he told the 3000 strong audience that he had not written the song but it was really a reflection of his experience and learning about the mine workers’ plight by fraternising with them in shebeens and hostels in places where he lived around Gauteng. He also made an impassioned plea to Cosatu to play a role in organising around music and cultural activities to revive and preserve our valuable musical heritage which was being eroded by Western commercial music. He expressed concern about the cultural taste and habits of our youth.

The labour media awards was initiated by Workers’ World Media Productions, a  non-profit labour media production house based in Cape Town and Johannesburg to recognise those who have made valuable contributions to labour media and art and to promote labour in the media.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Poor customer service

Why are we so poor when it comes to customer service? Me and my business partner expected some money from a deal and that money came in, our black sister at the bank told us we may not access that money because it need to stay for two day s in our business account. That made sense because it was a substantial amount, and then we opted to withdraw the one, which was already in our account just to secure the release of the work from our printers. My sister told us the money was there and available but she can’t access it. We had to fight so hard as to have her removed to another teller, which was also a long process, and a white sister did it in two minutes. Mind you this was our branch. Few days later we came in to withdraw substantial amount and the other black sister different from the one who failed us few days before told us she is waiting for authorisation which took more than half an hour and we had people service providers from that money. After half an hour we decided we had enough we drove to the Glen.

We were treated like kings there, they have dedicated tellers for business transaction not that they don't have a Carlton Centre but we were told to queue with everyone even if we are going to do business, with no questions asked at the Glen we got our money and left. Later we changed our Branch to the Glen.

Only today I was at one of those long queues at Shoprite, when I was just six people away from the cashier a new cashier opened and we were directed towards her. She was so slow all people who I was behind them in my previous queue they were all gone. The worse news were to follow, this cashier doesn’t take debit cards she wants cash only. As to why they didn’t explain that before we join this queue only they know.

Instead of transferring those with debit cards to the next cashier we had to fend for ourselves and as you can imagine no one will just allow people to come in front of them especially at Shoprite store because they are always full, so me and my fellow debit card holders has to start afresh on another long queue. Thanks goodness things went smooth until another poor person got the same thing on the cashier next to us. But funny enough it was written up there that she doesn’t accept credit cards and debit cards. Sanity prevailed the cashier asked me if she could accommodate him in front of if which I agreed, but the question is why didn’t the other cashiers did the same.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Rea Vaya

Rea Vaya (BRT) is on, now it is up to the taxi industry to shrug off their Mafia style of management for some more substance. This time they will have to have the plan. The government gave them ample time to improve this industry which is second to non based on it’s important,but the Taxi bosses failed to notice this. When they were told to buy new taxis with seatbelts they snubbed the government. Later the government introduced the taxi recapitalization and again they fought tooth and nail to have it implemented in their own terms. Their terms were to shrug of the demand for bigger taxi the size of a Quantum, they chose to buy iNyathi in Mass even those who bought Quantum’s knowingly bought converted panel vans and made the mobile coffins. Only last week a taxi belonging to an association that allowed it to be on the road killed two people-injuring scores. This taxi was not roadworthy with shock absorbers, brakes and windscreen in a shocking state, yet the Taxi bosses allowed that taxi to ferry passengers.

In all these years the taxi industry snubbed the government, but failed to come up with an alternative a plan to improve this industry. When government finally chose to introduce the bus rapid transport they cry fouls. We are still being treated like in the apartheid days when people did not have a choice at all. One lady was telling me that she was humiliated at a taxi rank for refusing to take a Taxi that was visibly unroadworthy. Instead of convincing her otherwise they chased her away, told her there is no taxi that was going to take her even if she stays there the whole day. Judging by their attitude she new she was not going to win.As for other passenger they were packed like Sardines so frightened by these gun toting marshals that they couldn’t say a word to defend her.

BRT is going to make them think properly. You can run a big business as this like a spaza shop in squatter camp. These are the same guys that when they have a dispute the very same people that they are fighting for they kill them by shooting at full taxis with innocent passengers. How is that for arrogance? We can let this guys run our lives. The Taxi industry is going nowhere they simply have to improve their customer care and treat us as their clients not as beggars. This is a wake up call I hope they will see it that way instead of spilling some more blood they did in Cape Town terrorising Golden Arrows passengers. They never thought this day would come one man once said “lidoda duvha”

Friday, 28 August 2009

Malema at it again

It was not surprising to hear see headline reading “ANC hijacked Athletes welcome party” the airport was so full Malema thought it was an ANC rally. Judging by their mobilisation one could mistake it for a welcome back party of some political icons. They have done us proud they deserve every moment of glory.

Most interestingly as noted by Julius Malema there were few white South Africans who came to welcome our athletes. In the previously it was almost a norm that there would be more whites than blacks to welcome our heroes. What has changed? Can it be because there was no white medallist this time around? Caster Semenya’s debacle was a cause for all of us to rally behind our athletes. It was disturbing though to learn that our usual suspects, expatriates in Australia are not behind the humiliation of this young girl but one of our own is.

I hope you are ashamed of yourself for what you have done to our country of great athletes. We had pocketed Gold and silver in big events before and we gonna do it again. The likes of Josiah Thugwana, Penny Haynes, Khotso Mokoena, Ryk Neetling and his team and more have done it before, why must we shoot ourselves in the foot when it matters most. All eyes are on South Africa in the sporting events, Springboks are beating our rivals left right and centre, Protease are number one in both one day and test game we are hosting the world in 2010 and now this.South Africa deserves better.

As for political scoring at the airport that could be expected once you put together the ANCYL and YCL in one platform. Even though I must admit that of late YCL speaks the language of youth I guess Gugu Ndima did a sterling job by returning some dignity of the king of outrage Castro Ngobese has left.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Khwalo a year later

My sister in-law is a student at the University of Port Elizabeth the so called Nelson Mandela something. she asked me to post my sons picture here I resisted not for long , so to Ceaser with  love here is khwalo.
Next time you see him he will be talking. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Black and White

One more African has been shot mistaken for a guinea fowl, now not only does black people look like baboons they also look like birds. Why do white people get away with murders? Maybe Judge Hlophe was right, we need the law that is adapted to South African condition. If that was the case Scott Crosley will still be in prison. How on earth can a South African court believes that a white manager was forced by his black subordinates to kill Nelson Chisale? In South African Context this is impossible. In law it is, it is was not even a white judge who passed that sentence. The mystery is that black Farmers don’t have the same eyesight problem as their white counter parts. Government should buy white farmer owners binoculars even those who haven’t kill any one to save more lives. Guinea fowl… how big was that bird? This is ridiculouse.

Monday, 3 August 2009

African wisdom in the US

Obama showed the world that he still has some African wisdom in him. African chiefs use to resolve the issues by calling the warring factions in their society to sit under the tree most often next to the kraal and drink their an African beer. Obama went back to his roots by call together Professor Gates and Sergeant Crowley to his place. He chose to sit under the tree instead of a well air-conditioned white house with a beer. Deputy President Biden was also part of history as hi joined the beer sipping trio. After the meeting Professor could even crack a joke about Crowley saying he is quiet a likeable guy when he is not arresting someone?

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Service to the people

Sa politics can be very interesting and sad sometimes. After election the ANC and its allies went all out to discredit the DA led province for its racist attitude. Hellen Zille didn’t cover herself in Glory either by appointing all men team for her province. That was when the kings of outrageousness (ANC Youth league) went all out telling the nation that she appointed boy friends and concubines so that she can sleep around with them (sleeping around not having sex… welcome to ANCYL interpretation of sleeping around)

it was not long before the ANC took a wrong turn every one with the exception of Finance minister were going for a bling whilst the nation is on fire. Angie”the Dogs” Motshega told the nation that she saved us by not using the maximum money available to her how sick is that. I kept on asking myself why all our MEC and minister become stranded as soon as they take office? Take the case of Ralehoko who had to register a car as soon as possible and be delivered even before it can be ensured. The rest is history…

The impression we were given is that there are no cars to transport our MEC. Enter Hellen Zille again she chose to go easy on a swag that the ANC is so hell bent on show boating to their peers that they can uses much as R150 000 only on pimping a car. I hear she chose to use a pool car as government have lots and lots of those parked doing nothing. She also asked his colleagues to do the same. This might be a political point scoring, gee she can score as much as she wants if she can save my money for ore important things. We pay a lot of money to pay some MK cadres who disguised as bodyguards for politicians for 24 hours. Is that necessary or just protocol? Zille will use them only on official duties. Those also make sense. Tiyani Rikhotso says they are “entitled” the same term that Mandela during his term of office told south African they throw it in the dust bin, not the new kids on the block. in time of reccession they don't see a need to tighten their belts and lead by example instead they are bragging, no wonder people are running riot.

Every Wednesday in front of High Court in Pritchard street & Kruis there is man wearing a Ndebele traditional gear mixed up with Zulu warrior weapons standing on a stool holding a small bible. Interestingly his personalised number plate reads "MJITA", what a contradiction. (Ndebele,Xhosa,Zulu warior , Bible and tsotsi taal right in the middle of Johannesburg.) I have asked myself so many times why is he wearing the African traditional cloths? Why so early when it is so cold in winter? Is he protesting? Against what? He looks poor in his traditional attire but the car he drives suggest otherwise. I hope I will have time to speak to him and find out what is his story. He is an interesting character. He seems to be representing some church or religion ( South Africa Prayer Embassy), but he is not preaching, as you would expect from a religious point of view.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

It's a Vuvuzela

Watching the US ‘World football challenge featuring the likes of Inter and AC Milan, Chelsea and Club America I couldn't help to notice that Vuvuvela has taken the World by storm. In the match between Inter and AC Milan Camera kept zooming on AC Milan fans that were blowing them like South Africans. Every time those guys appear the name of South Africa got a mileage on international scale how is that for a free marketing? In the match between Chelsea and Club America I didn’t see even one, but the blaring sound of south African plastic horn was even more deafening like Ellis Park where Bafana was featured. I must say the feeling was good knowing that not everyone abroad hates Vuvuzela and that the perception that it was for the lunatics is far from the truth

G numbers

G 8 or what ever number they are calling themselves of late has come and gone and leaders had nothing concrete to talk about because of the financial crises the Capitalist world finds itself in. Oh climate was top of the agenda and I hear they didn’t do a good job either n that front. A friend of mine use to tell me that if people start talking weather they are bored, but at most it is a better way to start a conversation to a stranger.

Weather affects us all isn’t it? I realised why the world Greeted the sacking of Mbeki with applause of democracy… that man was a pain in their back sides big time s he wanted them to account on their promises all the time something they are not used to. When the same thing happened in Honduras the world reacted differently why. They are comfortable with the Zolaya even though he threatens to change the constitution to increase his term of office. The world would like that because this time they will benefit especially the US.

This is exactly what happened in Madagascar Ravalomanana took over the reigns of government unlawfully. African Union (AU) initially didn’t recognise his government and later made a turn around, welcomed him and made him their comrade. Now Rajoelina is guilty of the same crime and now African union is starting to bite, too late though the damage is done . The world we are living in is messed up.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Is it because I am Black?

Diepsloot residents went on a rampage on Sunday because their local Councillor didnot address their Housing problems. Driving from Rodepoort to Pretoria I had to via Johannesburg just to be safe, as they had blocked the roads, burning tires looting biting up people, burning cars. This is the very same Diepsloot that was the ugly face of xenophobic attacks. What is wrong with black people? Do we have to go on Rampage destroying the little that we have to send a message to our leaders? It is so unfortunate that people who bare the brunt are the people that you claim to be fighting on their behalf. Hawkers, Vendors, Spazashop owners, kids and women had to run for cover as the protesters were on a looting spree taking by force what ever was on their way. News crew were not spared as the SABC car was burnt to ashes. Does this have to do with being poor or being black or both? Are we the only poor nation in the world that our leaders are failing? Africa is now in never ending conflicts, since it’s decolonisation Guns has never stopped… when is this going to stop?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Is it gonna be the Venus show again?

Today the Williams sisters are invading Russia right in the heart of England in Dinara Safina and Elena Dementieva. If they succeed they will meet in the finals that have featured at least one Williams sibling 9 times in the past 10 Wimbledon finals. Why is Safina number one in the world if she has not won even one major? When Andy Murry won his match why did id make breaking news in British TV? Does that mean no one expected him to win on home soil?

A mistake or a ligacy of the past?

Bryce Moon one of our future stars is in danger of going behind bars if his culpable homicide becomes murder and negligence driving after running over a domestic worker after partying. My curiosity is with what happened just after the accident. Apparently the late woman stayed there forever waiting to be transferred to the nearest hospital that will accept her. As a result of a long wait the woman passed away.

I then spoke to my brother who is a paramedic but not in Johannesburg. “ What happens if a poor person and a rich person are in accident?’ he told me they will quickly take both people to nearest hospitals that they can afford… meaning the one assumed to be rich will be taken to a private hospital the poor one to a public hospital no matter the condition. I then put race issue… if a black person and a white person are in the same accident what happens … an answer was very simple take the white person to a private hospital and take the black one to a public one and later see if the black one has a medical aid will be transferred to a private hospital and visa versa with the white person.

This to me that was very interesting why don’t they just take a person to the nearest hospital, when the person has stabilised then take him to what ever hospital he can afford? I that would be an easy way to save lives instead of thinking of profit in times of death.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Australia out

I always rejoice when ever Australia lose especially in Rugby or Cricket because our soccer is pathetic even by Australian standard. I couldn't believe what was unfolding in front of my eyes when they were beaten by Holland. Holland nogal? but last night it was quiet clear they were out of it. Anything less than 200 runs against Sri lanka was always going to be a huge task to defend. Ricky Ponting earlier said predicting their early exit that if they are knocked out they will have enough time to prepare for the Ashes. He was not aware of the pressure he was putting on his players. Now that they are out we expect them to win the Ashes, but I will be the happy chap if they can lose it and run out of all the excuses they've been making all along. Australia will take time to recover the beat the era of the Warne brothers.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Service Delivery

During December holidays I visited Matatiele my hometown if you are not aware. It has been sometime since visiting the area. My first impression was depression I drove about 4.five Km’s of the road. Sometimes you wonder people in the cities buy big maybe is for days like those because I am one of the lucky few other drive 40 to fifty Kim’s on gravel roads. Once I arrived at my village I realized much things have changed. There is clean running water near by and one have an option of by and installing your pipes in once yard that is if you got money of course. There is electricity it looks conventional but it does not work in a conventional way. Unlike the power outages that we have learnt to live with power there can go anytime there is a storm, lightning and thunder or too much wind. Believe me when I was in the house I could easily forget that I am actually in a rural village. Most importantly government built them toilets that look very durable and good. Right next to the door there is a two-litre holder that help to hold it up side down. You put water in there and I looked at it and said “Cholera e nyele”. This is a far cry from what people need, but at least is a start amid too late. Soon there will be no excuse not to visit the countryside.With a little help from powerful opposition we can make South Africa work.Please don’t tell me about the horrors of people “abasaya emadongeni to help themselves I am on a positive trip for now.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Who is HAMAS?

The world watched with Horror as Israel mercilessly destroy Gaza strip in persuit of peace in the middle East... How ironic. There was  little Palestinians on the west bank could do to help as their border was completely closed. Israel was targeting Hamas so they kept on saying, but how do you target Hamas when you collectively punish everyone. “Hamas is the real enemy of Palestinians” one would hear that statement over and over in Israel media including CNN, but was that so? What was the real aim of attacking Gaza? Was it to stop rockets being launched into Israel? They knew from the start that would not be achieved, how could they fight with faceless people with no uniform? Israel went in there with the hope of killing as many people as possible and leave and indeed they did just that. Who is Hamas any way?

America enjoys this animosity in the Middle East because Israel can spy for them anytime hence they never recognise Hamas government. Ban ki Moon want Israel to account for targeting UN facilities. Will they really account? History suggest that they will not, they have big brother US to protect them. It true though that Hamas is the enemy of Palestinians if they let Israel destroy Gaza in order to get sympathy.

The sad thing about War in Gaza was that Israel didn’t want media to report from the front line. CNN was reporting only what the Americans and their government wanted to know, Aljazeera did the same for the Muslim world there was now accurate information accept that so many defenceless people died …for what?


The Capitalist economy has become a casino economy. When it suits political chiefs they shift to social bail out for big companies. Does that mean only big companies are affected by financial crises. What is the criterion of assisting these companies? The question I never got an answer from is... if the American companies got bail out from the government, what about their clients. Who will bail out ordinary workers who are also affected by these financial woes? In the US alone more than 1,8 million people lost their jobs yet we heard nothing about how they could be bailed out. More people are going to lose their houses, but the government is not interested.

Last year we heard that Blue chip companies with BEE component that are facing serious difficulties should be bailed out. I am not sure as to how this wouldl help ordinary South Africans. What this means is that taxpayers will pay double to keep companies afloat. First our tax money will be spent on these companies, later they will have to pay back that money. Where are they going to get that it? Their clients who happened to be the very same taxpayer who paid for them in the first place will pay more bank charges to pay back the same debt.

This in short shows us that we live in a Casino type of economy where speculators can dictate what they want in the market. May be socialism is not bad after all if the US is contemplating to nationalise the American Bank, that would be the biggest sin during cold war years.