Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Do we deserve this treament?

The University of Free state students humiliate adults to register their opposition to residential integration. I watched with repulsion last night news, and I asked myself, why do whites hate us so much? Do whites see us (Africans) as human beings let alone being equal? I remember so vividly speaking to Derek Herman (Solidarity) last year on BEE and affirmative action and he made it clear that kids that were born around 89’90’s don’t have to be sacrificed for the sins of their forefathers. These are the kids of that age that show racist tendencies of the worst kind. Watching that story I asked my self if he believes this is still the case. Deafening silence by white leadership (Afriforum, Solidarity and DA) does not help matters I was raised with respect and I respect the elders irrespective of their race. Are these student’s human beings or animals? How do you treat your elders like that? So much for Mandela’s Kids and Born frees

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Stranger in my house

In the early hours of the morning last week (around 04H00) I heard a hard knock on my front door I rushed to the door. A young man of about 25-28 years who looked very desperate was staring at me at the door. I asked him how he got into my house with gates locked, but I couldn’t understand him as he was only speaking Afrikaans and my Afrikaans is very poor (if you are a South African you know why)

Clearly he needed help as someone has beaten him in the streets (don’t ask me what he was doing in the streets at that time). I took him in and gave him some warm water, but what really surprised me was that when called the police he immediately jumped out and ran to the streets again. I still don’t understand why did he ask for help if he did not need one? Maybe I should buy a dog to keep strangers away from my house.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Few days ago we heard of an 18 year old Razelle Botha whom a robber emptied a gun on her. Yesterday a 12 year old was fatally wounded and died on her way to Hospital. At least those robbers are in custody, but that won't bring theyoung girl back. If robbers were caught so fast most of the time I am sure they would be running scared. Big up to the men and women in blue.

Then Morgan tsuangrai and his people are robbed at their offices. What the hell is going on in this country? Is it possible that a member of the opposition from the US or Britain can come hear and be robbed of his or her belongings. I thought politicians when they especially high profile like Morgan would can some protection from our government.

I suspect that just like with Dumisani Khumalo he was followed from the Airport. The less I say about the ACSA th staff. better