Friday, 26 February 2010

Three in a raw

They did it again and now there are rumours that the master tactician Gavin Hunt is leaving the club. Who can resist him, many club owners believed that it was players not him who is good. That led to exodus of players from Matsatsantsa the likes of Teko Modise, Mphela , Mashego, Pelembe, the list is endless. They were definitely quality players, but Hunt knows exactly what he wants fromplayers. He bought the likes of Pogenpoel, Maluleke, Lafor who proved to be excellent replacements hence they retained the Premiership.
The problem with coaches of small teams is that when the coaches leave they don’t usually make it in big teams. The reasonable option for Hunt is not to go for Chiefs, Sundowns and the likes, but target a national team. We have seen coaches from small teams (Owen Da Gama, Khabo Zondo etc ) fail to impress in big teams. We have seen the success of Clive Barker and Shakes mashaba as a national coaches after coaching the so called small teams. We don’t hear of intereference from management like in the big clubs (Pirates and chiefs) coach have a free reign.

Now that they have shown their dominance in South Africa, I am sure M-net can do with some mileage in the continent so that they can spread their wings further. What a better way to do that than to stay as long as possible in Champions league.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Is game on

I thought premier league is a foregone conclusion, Sundowns from nowhere are pushing for a dramatic finish. This is DeJavu for Supersport United they have been in the situation before and came out smoking can they do the same this season?

This situation is similar in the English Premier league. There were times when Chelsea looked like they were running away with the title. At some stage Arsenal was trailing by 11 points as we speak they are just one point ahead and Arsenal is back in contention after Chelsea and Man United dropped valuable points. Man U is not as strong, Chelsea is not constant against small teams. Now that Arsenal is done with the big 4 can they afford let this go? Only time will tell.

Opposition or Enemies

Since the elections I never heard from Bishop Dandala until after the state of the nation address. He was scathing in his criticism of Zuma speech tonight. I wonder if he was just attacking for the sake of attacking. His criticism didn’t have substance though, did he really had to say something.

Over the years we have seen the opposition like this from the likes ofTony Leon and Keneth Meshoe. I don't think we need this kind of politics now. People should add value when they criticise especially ourso called new democracy. I couldn't help to lough when the most number of people in the house lought the president's mentioning Irvin Khoza. that took me back to the Zapiro cartoon I saw on Monday where people were thinking of his sex exploites rather than the speech he was delivering. Zapiro can be spot on sometimes neh?

Monday, 8 February 2010

Jo'burg Metro Police Department

I owe the city of Jo’burg R100 .00 in traffic fine. This was in 2008 I tried to pay them over the Internet but their details were not matching. I kept my money then they gave us a 50% discount savings and me I jump to the opportunity. This time I went straight to Absa bank. They told me the account number was wrong I should call the JMPD for their details. The chance of paying R50.00 went up in smoke

 In 2010 I received an email, I am not sure where did they hack to get it because I never gave them. This time they were giving me a warning that if I don’t pay they will send me a warrant of arrest. They gave all their banking details, scared to death to go to prison I ran to absa towers at Commissioner Street to make payment. To my disappointment the bank account they gave me was still wrong. I was not prepared to take chances this time I called them on the spot. They gave me a correct account number, but the problem was that the reference was not correct. Every time I called they kept me on hold and later give me another reference. I left the bank without paying, so the following day first thing I called JMPD they gave me another reference, which still did not work. I gave them the last call and I told them this should be the last time, the person on the other side told me “no you are not the only one let me take you details we will call you when we have sorted this out” I am still waiting. So much for service delivery.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Is this not the time to let the President live his life?

Just when we were  getting used to the fact that our president has entered the  race that used to be a two horse race between Kings Mswati and Zwelithini, he just surprised everyone with the latest addition to his list of 19 kids. It seems like he also caught ANC by surprise, judging by the man they chose to speak on this matter. Mr Jackson Mthembu’s story keeps changing depending on the radio station and the presenter he is talking to.

When we the world heard that Bill Clinton had an extra marital affair the world new went to over drive so was their PR department. I am quiet surprised that the ruling party not ready for this since the story broke out as early as Thursday to them. If JZ wants this to go away he must say something or it will be headline news for along time. Mr Jackson’s response that it is his private life doesn’t cut it with me. It is the same ANC that said the president apologised for having sex with out a condom with an HIV woman. That was after he had sex with another child of his friend. What do we do? we rest our case and let it go (zilime ziye etyeni) or do we make as much noise as possible?

The President is free to practice his culture, but infidelity was never an African culture and it not abut to be now either. It was always a shame in African societies so we can’t make it a fashion because our head of state does.

The Presidency is supposed to be dealing with bigger issues concerning this country, the continent and the world. Where does he get all the time to sleep with all these women? When heads of states are so bussy? I was speaking to my boss yesterday and he just doesn’t understand that if he can’t cope with one partner how come that the president, the CEO of the country get all the time for three wives, a fiancĂ© now a girl friend?

It is a pity that the Presidency has been reduced to tabloid news about sex, sex addiction, infidelity instead of service delivery.  Can’t our president just zip up roll up the sleeves dedicate his time on running the country instead of making news for all the wrong reasons.

CAF and African Football

CAF is at it again, this is after anti climax Africa Cup of Nation that was held in Angola. This year’s tournament was in the news even before the first whistle was blown when the Togo team was ambushed in Cabinda. There was uncertainty as to whether they would play or not. Players were willing to play to honour the dead notwithstanding trauma they were going trough.

Angola’ s interior infuriated his Togolese counterpart by shifting the blame to them. Togolese government decided to call their players and sent then the presidential private Jet. The drama didn’t end there, Togo was disqualified from the tournament even though they were prepared to play. Now CAF has just added salt to the wound by suspending the poor nation from CAF activities. I wonder if Issa Hayatou and his cronies would rich the same conclusion if it was Cameroon or Nigeria who had this misfortune.
Togo didn’t asked to be shot at and they are Soccer players not soldiers who soldier on when their colleagues die.

What all know that FIFA don’t like it when the government interfere in football matters, but this one was a special case. Seeing that Togo had been disqualified already CAF should have shown compassion by not suspending them. As Jeff Moloi and his team said it last night “it is not a football matter” when people get killed for matters not related to Soccer. I am not surprised that Adebayor is calling for Hayatou’s head. I hope sanity will prevail and the suspension be lifted after their appeal.