Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Steve Hofmeyer insulted me

I read the Steve Hofmeyer’s letter to Malema and I was disappointed that you find it appropriate to use racist undertones. Steve you were vote the best South African at some stage and his gatvol letter didn’t reflect that. I think it is an indictment on those who thought were as good as Mandela. What I have failed to understand with some white people, is why do they brush black people with the same brush when they have a problem with one black idiot?

On dealing with Malema Hofmeyer you went on to insult every black person not only in an African continent, but worldwide. I am not a racist at least I think so and I don’t think I deserve to be boxed in the same category as Julius Malema. I don’t believe all white people are racist but they enjoyed apartheid who wouldn’t? I can’t come and call all of them names because one Stupid Terreblanche or Hofmeyer said some stupid things about me or my race for that matter.

The fact that black people have not invented anything Mr Hofmeyer doesn’t make every black person a stupid. The fact that white people invented so many things that doesn’t make every white person a genius, I am sure you are a proof of that. I am sure your verbal diarrhoea left a bad taste in your Afrikaans music fans. You didn’t have to insult me when you had a gripe with Malema.

For your information I am not his fan and I was looking forward to your letter when I heard about it. I thought Malema at long last had his match, little did I know you are as bad. You did little for the curse of the Afrikaner folk if you did any thing at all. I hope they call you into order, because judging by your attitude you will only listen to your fellow whites. Seis Hofmeyer, who ever made you Afrikaaner spokesperson made a blunder please live it to your Dirk Herman I think they are still doing a good job without insulting me in the process of fighting for retention of their privileges

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Is Jozi that bad

Johannesburg is a beautiful City except that there is still a lot of decay that needs to be taken care of. This morning I come from Pretoria by Train and as I disembarked in Johannesburg Park Station, the city was abuzz with thousands of people from the train going to different directions. My route was to our office in Pritchard Street a two way street six street away from the Train Station. Everyone seems to be very friendly, it is amazing how Jo’burg is known for being rough and unfriendly yet as I left the train station one guy stepped on my foot by a mistake and apologised politely and moved on. I took Noord Street to Wonderers street and turned towards Plain Street as music was blasting from the shops along my route.  Taxis are bussy ferrying passengers from Wonderers Street, which is largely used as a taxi rank to different destinations around Jo’burg. Shop owners are bussy opening their shops setting up their displays for business. As I jump Plain street which is also a very bussy street used as a major street by taxis, wonderers becomes Kruise Street and street vendors are set up already with their low quality cheap Bafana bafana merchandise and Vuvuzela at every stand. Those merchandise are all probably made in China judging by the price.

As I reach Bree next to a derelict Post office there is a stench of urine from a secluded corner and filth. I enter Small Street, which used to be the hub of business, but now home to Somalis and Nigerian businesses selling any thing from china and the Middle East.
As I approach Pritchard I am reminded of Zimbabwe problem as I saw a group of filthy thugs like guys loitering, women selling Magwinya (fat cake) and soaps and towels on the side of the street. I am almost in the office, but not before crossing busy Von Wileigh Street. Taxi’s coming up from Marshalltown side up to Noord taxi rank are passing regardless of whether robots are green or not. Pedestrians have to force their way so is the traffic on Pritchard Street I join them and make my way across the street. A stand of women selling fruits next to another taxi rank is already buzzing with business. Municipal workers are hard at work cleaning the city. The city look very y clean compared to the stake we left in yesterday are there people, are the people who clean the city whilst we are sleeping?

I am on time today so I go in to the office. I feel like I was acting in a movie it looks like every one is fake. Fake smiles, fake clothes, fake works, and big car on the road driven by people I suspect they are in debts. I will repeat this in the afternoon except that by then Jozi will be three times busier that now, there will be no parking available in the CBD, and there be more cheap fake stuff going on. A friend of mine promised to buy me a fake USB player for R10.00 I will see how long it will last in my car. It is definitely fun to walk than to drive especially in Gauteng

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Dodgy reporting

Nomvula Mokonyane apparently owes the city of Jozi thousands in traffic fines.
Malema paid his debt and to add more Black management forum smell racism in it.
Do I have to believe The Star? Maybe yes, but maybe no. Few weeks ago That Star had a big story on Minister Sisulu and her husband having trouble paying their bond for a house in Sandton and the house was going to be auctioned. Today this story has been relegated to 5th page and most interestingly the house has moved itself from Sandton to Midrand.  There was never an apology to say we made a mistake that house is in Midrand or  as a matter of fact the House is in Sandton. You see reporters are not as reliable as they want us to belive.

Who do we believe politicians or reporters? My gut feeing say trust reporters. Can they be racist as Malema and BMF suggest? Yes they can. Is the Star a credible paper to be doing life style Audits on black rich people? For a long time the Star has proved to be the mouthpiece of whites in this country therefore even if they are doing a good job which I think they are, blacks will always be suspicious of their intentions.

Already BMF think that they are doing this to vilify black rich people, as to say if you are rich and black there must be some dodgy things about you even if it just a traffic fine they can hang on to, they will make a headline out of it. Does that mean White politicians are immune? Lifestyle audits are supposed to affect everyone who seem to b living beyond their means. I am not sure if The star had that feeling when they followed Nomvula Mokonyane.  Whilst I strongly believe that Malema asked for Audits because of his denial Nomvula don’t deserve this.

The question we must ask ourselves is how often does she drive her self if she does at all? At what speeds are the VIP cars suppose to be travelling because I have never seen them stop at the robots nor driving at our normal speed on our roads. They are even allowed to drive on the yellow lane. Given all this do our reporters do they research on what was suppose to happen. Surely cameras will do their job (record all speeding car) but what happens after that. I don’t have facts myself so it is best if we leave it to Journos to explain the protocols of motorcades before crying fowl. With that we can be on the same page at present this is subject to interpretation.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Gunners are fighting back

Arsenal have shown signs of maturity this season and already nervous fans from big two teams are already saying even if Arsenal wins the league they have failed to beat them. “The same can be said about Man U last season,” said Arsene Wenger on his newsletter to Arsenal fans. I think I am impressed with the die hard attitude that Arsenal players have shown this season. It is a known fact that obituary was written even before the season starts. With the loss of Adebayor and Toure this season looked bleak even to the die hard fans. They proved everyone wrong after that, but following their loss to both Man U and Chelsea they were written of once again. They reinvented themselves like never before and at some stage they were at the summit albeit temporarily.

Even if they don’t win the league this season they have shown that they are no longer the kinder garden of yesterday. On their game against Stoke city when Ramsay broke his leg most thought that it was Eduardo incident all over again, but no the boys wiped their tears and did the business. Against all odd against Hammers they did well once again. Almunia was outstanding, but Alex Song was even better. If they can keep those wins coming in who knows they might end up winning the league. As for champions league it is a big ask. Beating Barca will be an upset, but I am hoping for that upset and from there everything is possible.

Thursday, 18 March 2010


It always perturbs me when I feel that I am being taken advantage of. Eskom has just increased its tariffs by 25%, which is equal to about 20cents per kilowatt excluding the municipal fee. We don’t like to pay more as SA citizens; the feeling of entitlement does not help matters either. We are told that SA power is cheap, but compared to who is always my problem. First the recipients of this power are mostly poor. Why do we compare ourselves to the first world? On what bases? Is Eskom paying its employees equivalent of what the First world is paying their employees? No. Does South African have as much disposable income like poor US citizens? No
Let stop comparing apples with bananas, maybe things are not that simple then give us a bigger picture.

Despite all this most South Africans have accepted that they can’t do otherwise if our power is so cheap. Then Eskom through that at our faces by making secret deal with companies that consume 76% of all the power that Eskom generates.  What is more disturbing is that despite the fact that Eskom concedes that our power is cheap how eve they give big companies fro free. Are they expecting us to understand that? What must I think when Eskom extort 80c per kilowatt from me and take as little as 9c from a multinationals.

Eskom generates power at the cost of 27c per kilowatt which is not cheap, but go on to sell it at a loss which is a 17c per kilowatt to some selected companies. BHP Billiton is alleged to pay only 9c per kilowatt talk about the sweet deal or Mandela’s Sunset cause legacy. If they are so in debt that they can’t even build one new power station why are they selling at a loss boggles ones mind. Eskom is a parastatal, therefore unlike the power station id the US my tax money keeps it afloat, but after bailing it out with my Tax they still want more.

I think Eskom in the wake of this scandal should revise its secret deals and put the country first. At least these companies can afford to pay the minimum of a production cost at least can’t they?
The rolling 25% should be revisited and be reduced by at least 5-10% per year.
For now we will take 25 % on our chins

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Back Home

Ever since the government of our popular President took over they had to deal with saving face almost every second month. From Zuma’s utterances on Gays and Lesbians, on stop marriage ceremonies to baby making.

I must admit like Malema ( for different reasons though) it is very awkward to imagine a father figure like Zuma having sex. I never wanted to admit that my parents did it either even though it was obvious. This is taboo in African culture and Zuma being the traditionalist that he is should have guarded it, but it is a known fact that  he has completely failed. I have been asking myself if he will ever have time to govern without trying to justify his actions. There seems to be PR crises after another.

Whilst we were still shocked that instead of declaring his assets and interest of his family he chose to seek legal advice, the spokesperson of the Organisation Jackson Mthembu was busy driving drunk in Cape Town. What was really disturbing was the alleged reaction of the police in Mowbray Police station. Instead of arresting the culprit they threatened the law enforcers for daring to arrest their leader.

News from the north of Limpopo is so disturbing that you we think the media is making up stories. This story sounded like one of those stories “Made in Zimbabwe”. Not long ago someone was interrogated showing the zap sign to the motorcade. Not only that he was interrogated his place was ransack by the so-called law enforcers. I thought that was made in Ghana in the late 60’s. But no is Made in South Africa in 2010 nogal. I think it is high time that the government start running the country  instead of fighting allegation after allegation. As I speak General Siphiwe Nyanda is alleged to have used taxpayers money for accommodation even though he has one from government how is that for waste of money.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Media getting nasty on Zuma

The British press had a ball ever since we won the bid to host the soccer World cup. They even sent the people to dig up some dirt irrespective of how remote it is from the soccer world cup.  But the only thing they could hold on to was crime, yes we have a crime problem in South Africa, but does it really deserve the airtime it is getting in the British media? And what does that have to do with hosting a successful World Cup?

Now our dancing President gave them a new target, they called his visit comic opera. The President couldn’t choose the worse time, after the Sono Khoza saga or private matter depending on whom you are talking to. I am not sure if the presidential aid is doing their job here, it was clear even before Sonono story that the president was going to be under fire. Remember the sickening question about his wives? The presidential aids should have known that after the love child scandal they should let things cool down a bit. I know we must not give in to bad elements but this is humiliation.  It is not far from the state of the nation address where he made some blunders as if he didn’t rehearse his speech. First he Mentioned Irvin Khoza’s name in a week that he was suppose to be as diplomatic as possible and brought the two house of parliament down with laughter. Secondly unnecessarily referred to the Development Bank of South Africa as ABSA, which is where Sono Khoza is working, then a louder laughter again. 

Now the British media is savaging his remaining integrity if there is any still remaining by calling him a Sex-obsessed Bigot with 35 children and a buffoon. I am sure this is the worse insult to be directed at the head of state by British newspapers. Again Presidential aid failed to see this coming.

Did he bring this to himself? Does he deserve this? I am sure this man is not as intelligent as we would like him to be, but he is still our President. Lets protect him until we chuck him out of the office if the ANC don’t recall him because of his indiscretions. As for the British media you have rubbished our country like some of our white counter parts, but this has to stop because World Cup success will prove you wrong.