Thursday, 21 April 2011

Juju a court case or election machinery

I am not a Malema fan and most importantly I totally against doing things that fellow South Africans feel are uncomfortable for them. I would love to feel welcome at my back yard. Malema was very impressive in court yesterday, he made his points clear to everyone so much that even the Afri-forum lawyer Advocate Martin Brassey seem to run out of questions and relied on a dose of abrasive and provocative line of questionings to unsettle him.  Malema Sat quietly on the dock in his expensive suit showing a big expensive watch on his wrist. When he opened his mouth he was so smooth he even tried to make friends with Advocate Brassey by saying he knows that he had represented some of his comrades in the past.

Calm Malema in court
I must say Malema mostly speak crap on public platforms, yet yesterday he carefully chose words even when he was angry after being asked some abrasive questions. He showed some political maturity that I have never seen before. This was probably the defining moment for his political future. Both parties tried to play to the gallery, but Malema passed with distinction leaving Brassey’s ego bruised.

Secondly the Afri-forum grew their brand immensely which I think was the big idea behind this court case. ANC ended up wining in that front too, they really made a meal of this case. As Malema-phobia according to Gwede Mantashe was playing itself inside the court  room, Malema maniacs were making fool of themselves outside running up and down Pritchard street the whole day.
Literally there was an ANC rally every day on Pritchard and Kruis streets. This court case came at the right time just before Local elections and they milked it to death.

Afrifrum have every right to protest against “dubula ibunu” struggle song, but I am not sure if the route they took will help their cause that is if there is any