Friday, 28 August 2009

Malema at it again

It was not surprising to hear see headline reading “ANC hijacked Athletes welcome party” the airport was so full Malema thought it was an ANC rally. Judging by their mobilisation one could mistake it for a welcome back party of some political icons. They have done us proud they deserve every moment of glory.

Most interestingly as noted by Julius Malema there were few white South Africans who came to welcome our athletes. In the previously it was almost a norm that there would be more whites than blacks to welcome our heroes. What has changed? Can it be because there was no white medallist this time around? Caster Semenya’s debacle was a cause for all of us to rally behind our athletes. It was disturbing though to learn that our usual suspects, expatriates in Australia are not behind the humiliation of this young girl but one of our own is.

I hope you are ashamed of yourself for what you have done to our country of great athletes. We had pocketed Gold and silver in big events before and we gonna do it again. The likes of Josiah Thugwana, Penny Haynes, Khotso Mokoena, Ryk Neetling and his team and more have done it before, why must we shoot ourselves in the foot when it matters most. All eyes are on South Africa in the sporting events, Springboks are beating our rivals left right and centre, Protease are number one in both one day and test game we are hosting the world in 2010 and now this.South Africa deserves better.

As for political scoring at the airport that could be expected once you put together the ANCYL and YCL in one platform. Even though I must admit that of late YCL speaks the language of youth I guess Gugu Ndima did a sterling job by returning some dignity of the king of outrage Castro Ngobese has left.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Khwalo a year later

My sister in-law is a student at the University of Port Elizabeth the so called Nelson Mandela something. she asked me to post my sons picture here I resisted not for long , so to Ceaser with  love here is khwalo.
Next time you see him he will be talking. 

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Black and White

One more African has been shot mistaken for a guinea fowl, now not only does black people look like baboons they also look like birds. Why do white people get away with murders? Maybe Judge Hlophe was right, we need the law that is adapted to South African condition. If that was the case Scott Crosley will still be in prison. How on earth can a South African court believes that a white manager was forced by his black subordinates to kill Nelson Chisale? In South African Context this is impossible. In law it is, it is was not even a white judge who passed that sentence. The mystery is that black Farmers don’t have the same eyesight problem as their white counter parts. Government should buy white farmer owners binoculars even those who haven’t kill any one to save more lives. Guinea fowl… how big was that bird? This is ridiculouse.

Monday, 3 August 2009

African wisdom in the US

Obama showed the world that he still has some African wisdom in him. African chiefs use to resolve the issues by calling the warring factions in their society to sit under the tree most often next to the kraal and drink their an African beer. Obama went back to his roots by call together Professor Gates and Sergeant Crowley to his place. He chose to sit under the tree instead of a well air-conditioned white house with a beer. Deputy President Biden was also part of history as hi joined the beer sipping trio. After the meeting Professor could even crack a joke about Crowley saying he is quiet a likeable guy when he is not arresting someone?