Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hotheaded Luke

Luke Watson want to Puke on the Bok Jersey so what? Bhutana “shoot from the hip” Khompela is running a one man show to remove the Bok emblem from the Jersey so what?It is always interesting how some white people suddenly have love for the poor when their pride is at stake. When it sooth them they speak of reverse racism and don’t give a hoot about what life is like for a black chilled who is born with out a roof over his head. Try and talk name change or Bok emblem you will hear the likes if Cliff Saunders expressing their concern about the black poor and how money could be used to build houses other than to dismantle apartheid dominance. Luke Watson’s private conversation has been deliberately put in the public to vilify him. Read any Afrikaans newspaper on Watson then you will know what I am talking about. Majority of Afrikaners hate his family so is his politics.

Amongst whites there are known racists who are not apologetic about it yet you will never hear an Afrikaner newspaper exposing them. When a woman was assaulted by Racist Afrikaaners at Ellis Park Spectators mostly white look the other way, but if it were the opposite there would be a pandemonium. Some of the things that he said are uncalled for, but please he didn’t call a press conference to say them. Those were his private views on SARugby . These Guys go through tough times remember Jake White Castigating him and pretending to the media that all is well as he was treating him like a deadly virus. He rubbed that negative energy to player and went on to bragged about it in his biography. At least Luke didn’t wait until his carrier is over (it might be over already in national team colours) to speak his mind. Chester Williams didn’t want to upset his masters that He only spoke about the Bok experience when his carrier was over. Honestly I can’t wait for Makhaya Ntini’s Biography I am sure al dirty secrets will be exposed the 1999 Australian Tour, World Cup in West Indies. That will be a cracker.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Earlier this morning I read Lucky Mazibuko's Column "Just call me lucky". It is a piece of inspiration by a man who see thing in a positive way. the name of this column is very interesting I interpreted it as he prefers to be called by his first name Lucky, one might say he feels lucky to be afforded a platform when people living with HIV are discriminated against or just like all of us he feels lucky to be alive.

But lucky comes n different forms to people, on Sundays I watched a program a called Justice Factor on E news channel and I couldn't’t believe that Justice Malala is doing the programme. He looked lie he was doing the show facing the barrel of a gun and someone was busy telling him to relax. If you have seen our president talking to the nation you Will know what I am talking about. At least the president is still new in these things.

The creators of the shows have an excellent concepts but the execution is killing it. There are vibrant hard-hitting reporters at e like Ben Said even the ambitious Tumahole Mohlaodi can do a better job than Justice Malala. If I can see that man stuttering on my TV screen again I will never watch e news channel at that time. This is exactly what they did with Mathatha Tsedu on one of Deborah Patta’s good ideas unfortunately accompanied by Authoritarian (Patta)

E news channel is good concept that I think with time will a force to be reckoned with in Africa and the world. New ideas are coming and they can only grow from strength to strength. Timing couldn't’t be better to launch a 24-hour news channel for Africa at least South Africa for now. May be they should count themselves lucky that this dog eat dog territory for so long.