Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Iron Mike

As I was driving to Jozi this morning I saw a huge billboard that have Mike Tyson on then I remembered that our President in waiting is going to honour him in Emperors palace . I could not help to ask myself who the hell is the advisor of Msholozi? How on earth can he be seen to be honouring a convicted rapist? If as a sport hero he respected his sport and did not bend the rules by biting a chunk out of Evander Holyfield’s ear, maybe just maybe I would honour him as a sporting hero, but now he is none. Maybe I am asking too many questions. Zuma should no better he must stay away from rapists like Tyson. Most South African women are already questioning is attitude towards women given that one would expect him yo act cautiously.

Monday, 14 January 2008

Why us?

When I have time I watch Oprah Winfrey show in the evening. It is amazing how she generously give back to Africa. Given the suffering the continent is going through I always as my self why Africa? Why Africans? My wife says she believes that God is a man given all what women go through she is convinced that God would not subject himself willingly to what they go through as women. Is it a taboo to question Gods race? History doesn’t tell us much about what God have done for Black people. What we know is that more slaves come from Africa. The poorest of the poor in the world are Africans. The most colonised are Africans, wars are in Africa, most uneducated are from Africa, the most ridiculed even by their own kind are blacks. If man was build in the image of God can God let his image, which happened to be in minority in the word to go through all this. What I am going through my God must be going trough that, is God going trough what Africans are going through. May be we are sinners, but those kids HIV kids in Kenya are innocent. Those poor in Chicago are innocent. Those kids in Nkosis Heaven are very innocent? Why them? Is God an African?

Are we a giving nation?

During the First Nelson Mandela 46664 Concert in Cape Town in 2003 I bumped into Alicia Keys in kwaLanga. She was followed by a crew of camera people, a group of on lookers and youth. At first I didn’t realise it was her she looked very ordinary like any Cape Town Girls. She was visiting Love life and she was visibly touched by the plight of Africans in that part of the country. Since then she has come to South Africa to help kids all over the country and extended her love for the continent to Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe etc. What are we doing as South Africans to help? Are we at least leading by example? What are we doing to help Africa to stop being the continent of wars and disease but be the continent of hope? Lucky Dube once sang “blessed is the hand that gives more than the one that is taking”. Are we prepared to give to those who are less fortunate this new season?

Friday, 11 January 2008

Is SA different US

Most South African get exasperated when our brothers from the north call us little American, lets face the truth we all do as the Americans do. Look at our politics for example last year the Democratic Alliance had a race for leadership and that leader ship race was between Helen Zille (a white woman) and ……(a black man). As political analysts put it the DA was neither ready for a black leader nor ready for a woman leader. Helen Zille was a better option as she represents the nucleus of the party (which is largely white). The problem is that South Africans at the moment have shown especially during the ANC Conference that it is not ready for a woman leadership. Therefore we might as well conclude that DA won’t win the next elections. Not only that South Africa is not ready for a woman leader the electorate has shown that they don’t trust whites with political power. Who can blame them? In the US the race in the Democrats is between Hillary Clinton (a white Woman) and Obama (a black man) again the interests of the country are different from the interests of the party just like in the SA. Democrats want to transform as much as the DA in SA wanted to, the problem is that the US in not ready for neither the Black President nor the woman President according to political commentators. The likelihood is that Clinton will win despite the positive response given to Obama. Republicans were dead and buried under Iraqi War, but now there is a window of opportunity for them. In the next election the Democrats are going to lose and Republicans win because republican are more conservative. Their leader is definitely going be a man just like the ANC did in South Africa. Next time when Yobo (my Nigerian Friend who bugs me about us being little Americans) reminds me that we are li’l Americans I guess I will just have to look around me to give him my response.