Friday, 14 November 2008


Un African, how often do you hear people say that it is not African to do this and that? It is un African not to greet and ask, “how are you” it is not African to eat alone when you have someone for company. Maybe SABC is unAfrican as well, I watched SABC TV with disgust during Beijing Olympics. They subjected people to extra ordinary delays that I even asked myself if the big wigs at the cooperation watch the crap they are dishing to the masses. Most SABC employees have pay TV’s in their homes, do you think the big wigs at SABC also watch it? Judging by what they dish I doubt that we eat the same dish with them. So is it fare that they give people crap and go home to watch their pay TV? Will they see a need to improve the product if they don’t need it themselves? How do you then convince people to pay they TV licences if you subject them to this? May be it is high time that we practice what we preach


Zion said...

Muzi...I think it's also unAfrican to challenge leaders like you're now doing.

Muzi said...

Nice one Mzion