Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Black and White

One more African has been shot mistaken for a guinea fowl, now not only does black people look like baboons they also look like birds. Why do white people get away with murders? Maybe Judge Hlophe was right, we need the law that is adapted to South African condition. If that was the case Scott Crosley will still be in prison. How on earth can a South African court believes that a white manager was forced by his black subordinates to kill Nelson Chisale? In South African Context this is impossible. In law it is, it is was not even a white judge who passed that sentence. The mystery is that black Farmers don’t have the same eyesight problem as their white counter parts. Government should buy white farmer owners binoculars even those who haven’t kill any one to save more lives. Guinea fowl… how big was that bird? This is ridiculouse.

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