Thursday, 10 June 2010


Westrand trains are suspended because apparently workers torched a metro rail train for being late. I don’t buy into a belief that commuters spontaneously burn trains whenever they are angry. Do we believe that people go to work expecting to be upset and therefore carry with them Petrol, Matches and all these dangerous stuff that you can think of? I don’t think so, there are people behind this, why would commuters burn their only cheap means of transport.  

I was driving via Bree taxi rank last week and I couldn’t believe how long were the queues to west rand.     A colleague of mine who use trains called around 18h00 telling me that she was still in Johannesburg. She left the office at 16h00, I only left the office at 17h00 and by the time she called I had already negotiated the N1 traffic to Pretoria and was only 5 minutes away from my house. She told me some people arrived in Krugersdorp at around 23h00 in the evening and their bosses expected them early morning the following day. Taxi industry cannot cope with the train people ever.

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