Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Spanner in the Works

Politics are running on overdrive in the ANC, not because they want to serve better, but because some are power hungry. Just when we thought we are over the oil gate scandal and Mahlangu Nkabinde and Shiceka debacle now Fikile Mbalula.

Since Polokwane the ANC of Oliver Tambo and Albert Luthuli will never be the same again. It seems like every time the organization is facing a big shake up we hear scandal after scandal. When Vavi said comrade are (beefing up security not because they fear right wing) you sit and wonder.

Is Mbalula a sex pest or a pawn in the dirty game of politics leading to Mangaung? Motlanthe had his share, Tokyo had his own share, and I think the next in line is Mathews Phosa. I must say I have lost respect for most leaders in our movement including comrade Motlanthe himself. The media is playing that role again just like they did with Zuma character assasination.

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