Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Why always me

It is disturbing to learn that in 2012 the law still favors one race more than the other in South Africa. Why do white people successfully win cases in this country? Even the DA can find fault with any law and successfully challenge it any time? Is it because our Court rooms are still white? Or the law is based on European situations and therefore it makes it easy for white pople to understand and push its boundaries. This begs more questions, can a South African law adapt to South African situation base on African experiences all citizens? 

From a layman like me the criminal laws of this country favor the whites. I have lost count of cases where farm owners kill Africans and claim that they thought they were monkeys (how ironic because this is the same term associated with black people all over the world especially in Italy and Russia) and they got away with murder literally.

There was a sensational case in South Africa after the killing of an ANC connected businessman Brett Kebble. Everybody who was involved in his killing from the planning to his actual murder was pale with the exception of one Jackie Selebi who did not even take part in the killing. Guess who was arrested? The only African amongst the lot, guys who pulled the trigger left scot-free. From where I stand they were let free because they had the right color. maybe I am wrong, maybe I am racist.

Few weeks ago I was shocked when I heard that two Lotter siblings got lighter sentences for killing their parents. They claim that they were forced to kill their parents by a certain Mr. Moodley who got a stiff sentence compared to theirs. My bone of contention is that here white murderers kind of get away with murder again.
Rewind to few years earlier, Scot Crossly forced his employees to throw a human being in a lion’s den. Guess what the poor black workers did not receive any mercy from the magistrate, not that they deserve any, but murderers should all be treated as that.

Modimolle monster and his accomplices are waiting sentencing very soon for attempted murder of this monster’s wife and the killing of his stepchild.  I won’t be surprised if the worker get stiffer sentence compared to their master. Do you really think black people think there is justice in South Africa?  Here I go again asking questions that I don’t have answers too.

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