Monday, 14 January 2008

Are we a giving nation?

During the First Nelson Mandela 46664 Concert in Cape Town in 2003 I bumped into Alicia Keys in kwaLanga. She was followed by a crew of camera people, a group of on lookers and youth. At first I didn’t realise it was her she looked very ordinary like any Cape Town Girls. She was visiting Love life and she was visibly touched by the plight of Africans in that part of the country. Since then she has come to South Africa to help kids all over the country and extended her love for the continent to Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe etc. What are we doing as South Africans to help? Are we at least leading by example? What are we doing to help Africa to stop being the continent of wars and disease but be the continent of hope? Lucky Dube once sang “blessed is the hand that gives more than the one that is taking”. Are we prepared to give to those who are less fortunate this new season?

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