Friday, 18 April 2008


I went to check out Morgan Tsvangirai in Sandton yesterday. 702 talk radio had this huge media conference in their offices. The last time I saw so many reporters was when Zuma had one such conference where he was grilled by Journalists about the shower after sex. Tsvangirai wants Mbeki to back off; who can blame him the man has heard it with Mbeki. He continued to say Zim needs an extra ordinary convoy to deal with their crises… yes he said crises if Mbeki was here he would cringe.

But I think more that an extra ordinary convoy Zim needs an extra ordinary leader and so far Tsvangirai has not impressed me. He contradicted himself I don’t know how many times. At one stage he wanted Mbeki to be relived and be replaced by Mwanawasa, when Journo’s press him reasons he made a big U turn. Now he wants Mbeki to have more people working with him and to stay in Zim until the crises is over. “President Mbeki has not failed” why do you want him out if you think he is succeeding.

Zimbabwe needs a change, but I hope Tsvangirai will be surrounded by intellectuals… did I say intellectuals? No I think they need progressive leaders. That is where Tsvangirai started isn't it? One thing I fully agree with the man is that Zim Need a change and that there is a crises in that country whichever way you look at it. The ANC president asked a question that really had me in stitches last week “ where have you heard of an electoral commission which runs elections and do the counting and sit on the results…just sit? No leader in SADC dares talk like that about Zimbabwe.

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