Wednesday, 20 August 2008

War or Cold War

I did Geography and I believe my teacher was amongst the best at primary level. We new all the mountain ranges highest peaks, grass lands and major river I am still not sure what for, but I have never had of Georgia. It seems this insignificant state according to me is the most important for the US to get oil without bombing and causing collateral damage to other nations. Georgia decided to take on mighty Russia with the hope that US might come to the rescue and teach Russia a lesson or two. What a miscalculation… maybe not because America still believe they are innocent. Apparently Georgia expected to be attacked by Russia early when they that didn’t happen they took it upon themselves to be the aggressors.

Almighty Russia could the turn down the invitation, as it always wanted to teach its former satellites state a lesson. I think they over stepped the mark though, how can they kill people like that even if they were retaliating. The US is raging about the autonomy of Georgia and always forgetting that they are the aggressor this time. Instability in Europe and in the Mideast is fuelled by the US and its Hunger for oil. When I heard that Georgia was the US ally I know they must have something to do with oil boy I was right. Georgia is the only major route for oil and Gas that doesn’t via Russia. So “Almighty Bush” as Mugabe would say, wants to keep it that way. US media talk with conviction when they refer to the invasion of Georgia but we know where they stand anyway. Russia was wrong to crush such a small state like that, but the US is the trouble maker.

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