Friday, 29 August 2008

Moral regeneration

I always here of South Africa needing moral regeneration…do we really understand that. I think I am one of those who just about to throw in the towel in this one. South Africa is riddled with corruption, those who are meant to fight crime a actually leading crime to money laundering, ATM bombing people don’t know who to turn to.

Most interestingly now I remember one man who was trusted with moral regeneration of our youth actually helped himself.

Walking down Noord Street and Plain streets in Johannesburg is like walking on Adults only streets as people unashamedly and proudly selling pornographic movies for R10.00. Listen to this police were browsing through and I thought the guy was just about to be arrested when one of them reached into his pocket took out R20.00, took one movie and his colleague to take one.

When I was stopped by the police on my way to Pretoria west I chose not to stop and I knew they could shoot, but I wanted to stop where there were other motorists. I am sure I am not alone on this one Police do crime on police vehicles you never know when you going to be their next victim.

There is corruption at all levels, go to church you will religious big wigs calling others names because they dare to ordain Gay priests. Anglican Church is divided into two those who follow American way of doing things and those who follow the African way of doing things where is the country going? Moral regeneration... what regeneration

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