Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Who is HAMAS?

The world watched with Horror as Israel mercilessly destroy Gaza strip in persuit of peace in the middle East... How ironic. There was  little Palestinians on the west bank could do to help as their border was completely closed. Israel was targeting Hamas so they kept on saying, but how do you target Hamas when you collectively punish everyone. “Hamas is the real enemy of Palestinians” one would hear that statement over and over in Israel media including CNN, but was that so? What was the real aim of attacking Gaza? Was it to stop rockets being launched into Israel? They knew from the start that would not be achieved, how could they fight with faceless people with no uniform? Israel went in there with the hope of killing as many people as possible and leave and indeed they did just that. Who is Hamas any way?

America enjoys this animosity in the Middle East because Israel can spy for them anytime hence they never recognise Hamas government. Ban ki Moon want Israel to account for targeting UN facilities. Will they really account? History suggest that they will not, they have big brother US to protect them. It true though that Hamas is the enemy of Palestinians if they let Israel destroy Gaza in order to get sympathy.

The sad thing about War in Gaza was that Israel didn’t want media to report from the front line. CNN was reporting only what the Americans and their government wanted to know, Aljazeera did the same for the Muslim world there was now accurate information accept that so many defenceless people died …for what?

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