Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Service Delivery

During December holidays I visited Matatiele my hometown if you are not aware. It has been sometime since visiting the area. My first impression was depression I drove about 4.five Km’s of the road. Sometimes you wonder people in the cities buy big maybe is for days like those because I am one of the lucky few other drive 40 to fifty Kim’s on gravel roads. Once I arrived at my village I realized much things have changed. There is clean running water near by and one have an option of by and installing your pipes in once yard that is if you got money of course. There is electricity it looks conventional but it does not work in a conventional way. Unlike the power outages that we have learnt to live with power there can go anytime there is a storm, lightning and thunder or too much wind. Believe me when I was in the house I could easily forget that I am actually in a rural village. Most importantly government built them toilets that look very durable and good. Right next to the door there is a two-litre holder that help to hold it up side down. You put water in there and I looked at it and said “Cholera e nyele”. This is a far cry from what people need, but at least is a start amid too late. Soon there will be no excuse not to visit the countryside.With a little help from powerful opposition we can make South Africa work.Please don’t tell me about the horrors of people “abasaya emadongeni to help themselves I am on a positive trip for now.

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Jill Peterson said...

i am trying to send you an email. i read your post about gary player. i live in the town hosting the masters golf tournament next week in the u.s. our mayor is bragging about how gary player feels at home here. my email is thank you.