Friday, 2 October 2009

Is he in or out?

Can South Africa afford to lose a coach now? Most Soccer lovers think there is no turning back. When Santana come from his latest trip from Europe it will be his last ...that is if the likes of Mninawa Ntloko are to be believed. Every one seems to be vying for his this poor man’s blood. Not for the first time in our 17 year history. The list of coaches can make a team complete with its reserves. What have south Africa achieved after firing coaches closer to big tournaments? Nothing but another learning curve thinks is high time that South Africa stick to the man of their choice and at least not renew his contract when it expires. I am beginning to wonder if we do have players to compete at the highest level. If we can’t beat the likes of Madagascar convincingly.

Carlos Alberto Pereira was beginning to be comfortable after a long haul of be called a “world cup failure with the best in the what is he going to do with South Africa” indeed he nearly left too soon I guess he could smell the coffee and jumped before he was pushed. A friend of mine who is a Nigerian always tell me that the all conquering Super Eagles of 1994 were not the best team of to come out of Nigeria. He claims that most players were average players whom Westerhof thought them to be disciplined. He says a good team come out of a team that doesn’t keep on changing and I think Santana knows that too. Such players a craving for bigger tournaments and we have seen the glimpse of that during Confed cup. Sanity prevailed and the team was given a chance to perform at a big tournament with their coach and that was history. Can we continue then stick to Santana whom I must confess I never liked as soon as I was told he didn’t have national team experience. He is here now lets support him.

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