Friday, 2 October 2009

Who is racist in Mzansi?

Are we obsessed with race or South Africa is the worst country when it comes to race relations. I cant remember hoe many times did I read about race. Sowetan interview Akhona Ndungane (originally from Gxulu in Libode) and they asked him about racism in the Blue Bulls camp. Of course they were hoping for an exclusive on race relation in the Afrikaner City of Pretoria. Later I read that COSATU is complaining about some Northwest farmers who continue to persecute poor farm workers like they are stray animal on their land.

I watched Cricket when South Africa was being humiliated by England nogal, and the following day I read a column, which was slamming JP Duminy for playing poorly in Star newspaper. In my view it was not an unfair comment, even though I believed that South Africa was let down by it’s bowlers who conceded more 600 runs in two matches. But wait until I read a letter from a Cricket follower who saw it from the racism point of view. He says that after the match they were batting on who will be found guilty by a white columnist the following morning. They assumed that a white columnist would pick on a Black player. Of course Rodney Harman didn’t disappoint.

Are we living in a screwed up country or are we paranoid? How often did you hear about reverse racism from white people when it comes to job-hunting yet more blacks feel as if things have never change.

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