Tuesday, 3 November 2009

How safe are we?

Is it not interesting that Gauteng government under Qedani Mahlangu dep’t abdicated their responsibility long time ago on Zimbabweans who live in the Methodist Church? Bishop was struggling alone with them until recently when the government decided to pay them an unannounced visit. What was striking from what they were saying was that they were united in calling for the closure the place of safety. Do they have buildings to relocate these refugees now? Since early this year Qedani and crew promised to move these people to other buildings. Now they complain that the place is not safe, but those people feel safer than out in the streets where the government is planning to relocate them to. If they care so much why did it take so long for them to think of those kids, if they care so much why did they fail to relocate them earlier. Do they have time for them now? Do they have a building for them now? When people get fat salaries to service people they should do that and not wait until the problem get out of hand. Ineptitude is the problem of our office bearers, but they never see that because they are too important. We are waiting to see what they are going to do with those destitute.

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