Friday, 27 November 2009

Is khosi for life worth that tag?

I am a fan, but since the Jabu Pule saga they have never recovered they have never played as posed any threat to any team. They have set their standard so low it is not funny anymore. I think it is okay to have a family business run by family members, but I think Kaiser has just taken it to another level. You can’t have an incompetent son as a team manger of a big club like Kaiser chiefs, a brilliant daughter as a prodigy of some marketing manager, under performing son playing in the field and a daughter with no clue about television producing a clubs monthly TV programme.

Bobby don’t deserve to be a the team manager, Jessica strikes me as this brilliant hard working young woman who deserve better at Chiefs. I am sure if we can remove this stereotype of no women can run a soccer team successfully. We can see what a good manger this woman could be. Nastasia did with aplomb at Sundowns, Rocky Dlala left it to her sister Mato to do it and her record speaks for itself. Her team is the least team to fire coaches they are true to their identity, I can talk until the cows come home. Ria Ledwaba did with some success even though I am not sure if she can be proud of her record.

Maybe Bob steak can do a better job in marketing instead of all these shenanigans he is doing at Chiefs currently. I am disappointed in Kaiser in allowing this to take so long. There is no hope that Steak is learnt anything from Kaiser who ran that team whilst he was a player and coach at the same time. I remember Nastasia Chiklass on Sports centre mentioning this one evening for different reasons of course, but I could not agree with her more. We buy under performing players we pump them with so much money they can’t play anymore. The less we talk about boardroom politics and court cases the better. Can Kaiser see that things are not happening and change in desperately needed around?

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