Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Terreblanche died then everyone else has to stand and listen to Boer crap.
When he shot a man where were they? I think it is better that we agree that the law should take its course as we did with the man himself. Now that two people have been arrested the law should take its course. I was worried that racists amongst us killed him, but no it seems like the motivation was not race or criminal. The other worrying thing is that there is a 16 year old involved. Whose salary was he fighting for? I know for a fact that child labour is illegal, but the problem is still rife especially in the farms. Can Labour Department do a useful thing for once and find out if that child was a worker. And leave politics to politicians

Talking about politics why are white people so afraid of communism anyway? An apparent pay dispute turned ugly and now all of a sudden people are carrying placards with “ down with communism”, did I miss something here. What has Terreblanche’s death have to do with communists? The underpaid workers wanted their peanuts to go spend them with their loved one over the Easter, apparently their boss denied them their right, then they acted stupidly.

In the newspapers this morning some comment are so hilarious. One farmer all the way from Northern province came to support other white supremacists and went as far as blaming FW De Klerk for the murder of their leader. White Boer proved over and over that they are not Africans they should stop calling themselves Afrikaners because they are not. 

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