Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The subscriber

Poor service is something we come to live with it, in these competitive times you would expect that good service will be a priority. The Sunday times voluntarily promised me that if I subscribe with them I will get the time daily for free. I have subscribed with them before, but this time there was a carrot being dangled in front of me so I was tempted enough. The very first Sunday that the newspaper was supposed to be delivered it was not.

On Monday I called and got a swift response and a promise that the paper will be delivered the next Sunday and that at the end of my subscription they will deliver one more paper to make up for the one they didn’t deliver. That week it slipped my mind that completely that I was promised a FREE daily newspaper. I called and got as quick response that it will be sorted soon “tomorrow you should have your paper sir” said the voice of a lady on the other side of the line. I spent the whole week doing the same thing and getting the same polite same answers.

I eventually drew up a timetable for calling them every week, this started in February until the end of November, when someone realised that my contract was due for renewal soon. I only got my first ever “The Times” in the first week of December.
What was really surprising was that they were so quick in closing the supply they didn’t even honour their promise of an extra week. I got the time for an extra week, but I don’t think it was an extra though. I never bothered them with any calls but withheld my money thank you very much.

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