Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Are SETA's working or job creation for pals.

Are South Africans really benefiting from Sectoral Education & Training Authorities? (SETA's) I am asking this beacuse, in an effort to transform workplaces in South Africa, the government introduced affirmative action, Black Economic Empowerment and improved labour laws. But this did not help much as the majority of the disadvantaged working class are still unemployed and those who are working lack skills. In order to address this crisis, the government introduced learnerships, which are meant to help the unemployed to have some qualifications and skills to be more employable. Those who are already employed are also meant to improve their skills to move to higher positions. Its objectives are to ensure that the skills requirements of the various sectors are identified and that the adequate and appropriate skills are readily available. This morning I heard over the radio that we still don’t have skills that SA industries want. Only few weeks ago we read in the news that the SETA’s CEO is vacating the post. What has he done? To what extent are the Sectoral Education and Training Authorities (SETA’s) helping to improve the skills of the unemployed, women and the disabled?

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