Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Few days ago we heard of an 18 year old Razelle Botha whom a robber emptied a gun on her. Yesterday a 12 year old was fatally wounded and died on her way to Hospital. At least those robbers are in custody, but that won't bring theyoung girl back. If robbers were caught so fast most of the time I am sure they would be running scared. Big up to the men and women in blue.

Then Morgan tsuangrai and his people are robbed at their offices. What the hell is going on in this country? Is it possible that a member of the opposition from the US or Britain can come hear and be robbed of his or her belongings. I thought politicians when they especially high profile like Morgan would can some protection from our government.

I suspect that just like with Dumisani Khumalo he was followed from the Airport. The less I say about the ACSA th staff. better


Anonymous said...

I think Mr Mbeki has got nothing to lose right now.Hw is going down soon,the best thing he could do now is declare a state of emergency agaisnt crime.Make sure we have peeps who patrol our streets everyday.The soldiers are doing nothing and are paid every month,maybe they should show us their worth in our community.Its a sad thing that young peeps are always victims of crimes and Mr Mbeki is doing nothing about it.

Muzi said...

I am not really sure if tha is the way out,but I am sure Mbeki if he care he can do better. As you have said he has nothing to lose so he doesn't care anymore for he people not that he has ever shown any sign of caring anyway.

Muzi said...


Ridwan said...

Muzi crime is a problem for sure broer, no doubt.

But. The military must stay out of our streets. That is not their job.

We need a beefed-up police service and determined political will.