Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Do we deserve this treament?

The University of Free state students humiliate adults to register their opposition to residential integration. I watched with repulsion last night news, and I asked myself, why do whites hate us so much? Do whites see us (Africans) as human beings let alone being equal? I remember so vividly speaking to Derek Herman (Solidarity) last year on BEE and affirmative action and he made it clear that kids that were born around 89’90’s don’t have to be sacrificed for the sins of their forefathers. These are the kids of that age that show racist tendencies of the worst kind. Watching that story I asked my self if he believes this is still the case. Deafening silence by white leadership (Afriforum, Solidarity and DA) does not help matters I was raised with respect and I respect the elders irrespective of their race. Are these student’s human beings or animals? How do you treat your elders like that? So much for Mandela’s Kids and Born frees


alleman said...

Muzi I responded in anger at your comment on Ridwan's blog. Having looked at your blog I regret that now, because I see your blog as an honest one. So let me state this again here:
I do not condone what the white students did, and I want them to be prosecuted - and expelled from the university with no qualifications or credits for any subjects they may have passed.

Muzi said...

Thanks Alleman
I saw your angry response and chose not to respond to it. I guess I was also angry at you, to make matters worse I couldn't read a word on your blog. Racism is a sensitive subject to all of us I hope you understand where we (Africans)come because I do understand the perspective of whites (Africans of European decent) sometimes.
keep blogging

Ridwan said...

Muzi I still dumbfounded by the course of events at the UFS.

It is a very sad chapter in the history of our country, but this is also a time to confront racism.

It is time to ask how far we have come in 14 years; time to look beyond the fluff of reconciliation.

Instead of just mouthing loyalty to our country (the oath/pledge issue) we should be teaching the kind of African humanism that would have those lighties respect their elders.

Mostly, discussions about race and racism cannot be a one-way discourse.

Peace to you,

ps. Nice to see the talks going one here :)

Steve Hayes said...

Their behaviour is perhaps a sign of inbreeding in the Free State - in certain circles anyway.

Muzi said...

Hi Ridwan
I think what happened in Free state reflects what is really going on in the South Africa. Outside of Urban centres blacks still worship their white employers and whites in those areas disregard this new black government as "their government" (meaning blacks). Those kids I am sure they have embarrassed their parents (maybe) and White Volk. I think it won't help to be emotional about this, as you have said lets stop dilly-dallying with reconciliation and nip this in the bud. I think our youth both Black and white need direction… they seem to be lost in the midst of Democracy, Reconciliation, Crime, Unemployment and Racism. Everyday you hear people complaining of racism both black and white even I must admit that black bare the brunt the most because they are in the position of weakness.

Steve history of the Free state is that of Afrikaner resistance against change that still continues a century later. There is no doubt in my mind that it is a breeding ground for left wingers but that on its own is not wrong as long as they don’t drag and humiliate other races in the process. They must uphold their right and respect other people’s rights as well.