Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Stranger in my house

In the early hours of the morning last week (around 04H00) I heard a hard knock on my front door I rushed to the door. A young man of about 25-28 years who looked very desperate was staring at me at the door. I asked him how he got into my house with gates locked, but I couldn’t understand him as he was only speaking Afrikaans and my Afrikaans is very poor (if you are a South African you know why)

Clearly he needed help as someone has beaten him in the streets (don’t ask me what he was doing in the streets at that time). I took him in and gave him some warm water, but what really surprised me was that when called the police he immediately jumped out and ran to the streets again. I still don’t understand why did he ask for help if he did not need one? Maybe I should buy a dog to keep strangers away from my house.

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