Friday, 11 July 2008

Living big on meagre salary

South Africans are a very interesting bunch. Most of us especially Africans we like expensive clothes expensive cars yet we all know we can’t afford them. Tito Mboweni says that we must tighten our belts but if you go eKasi where one would think that people would be more conscious about the economy given the realities around them it is astounding to hear people talking about Hammer and BMW’s. Contrary to that whites are downgrading to smaller cars renting out their houses and living elsewhere. Again given our belief that whites are rich and have it all I was expecting this to be happening to our people.

When Kulula .com was introduce into our Skies I thought that was the opportunity for us to fly. Instead I head my fellow Africans saying they can never take cheap flights on Kulula, Mango and 1time. And indeed when you take BA and SAA you see a lot of Africans and go to Kulula or other cheaper airlines you find them full of pale faces. So Africans don’t know the meaning of savings?

Recently Metro rail introduced business express between Soweto and Jozi and Between Pretoria/Tswhane and Jozi. I am not sure about the SOWETO line, but the Pretoria line is busy. Fair enough Africans are there, but given the demographic of this country they are still way less than one would expect instead they choose to drive their x5 in Ben Schoeman highway. If you think back there was a metro plus express from the Nigel/Spring line sometime ago. The service failed as people chose to use their cars and it was stopped. A friend of mine who lives in Nigel now want that express to come back it Probably the reason why we have price fixing problems in the country is this obsession with big life. This is not the time to live big it is time to live an affordable life amid high prices all around us.

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