Monday, 7 July 2008

When ANC sneezes even the Judiciary catches the flu

It looks like changes in the ANC are affecting all our institutions, but in a bizarre turn of events Judge president Hlophe made he feeling known about his politics something unheard of in this country.What I will never understand is why Judge president Hlophe always make news for the wrong reasons. Is there a vendetta against him? By who? Initially I thought he was a victim of circumstances we all know our history, but this time Hlophe has gone from ridiculous to outrageous. I read he letter where he is trying so hard to convince everyone that he is a victim. What I didn’t understand is why every time he chats with his colleagues (Japhta, Nkabonge and Ngcobo) a Zuma case would just come up, that is still boggling me. May be is time for the Judge president to step-down before damage is done to Judiciary and his reputation. By now we all know he thinks that there is no case against Zuma, which on its own is not a sin, but he didn’t have to go around selling his feeling to Judges that are dealing with this case.

As for Judge Pius Langa, he made a mess out of a storm in a teacup. I n my view this case could be solved within Judiciary. The public didn’t necessarily have to know about it. It is not the first time Judge Langa makes a mess. He is the one who saved him when he faced an impeachment. Ironically Hlophe is targeting him as his enemy number one.

In 1998 Judge Langa headed a commission of enquiry into the Lesotho elections on behalf of SADC. He was supposed to give Basotho the results but he chose not to. He kept the results and came back to South Africa with them. Back in the country when he was supposed to give them to President Mandela he kept them to himself. By that time all this already disconcerted Basotho. They were openly saying the results were being doctored in South Africa even though Pakalitha Mosisili said he would be bound by the results. Few weeks later he sent back to Lesotho. Few days later the acting President Mangosuthu Buthelezi sent the troops to raid Lesotho before the results could be made public. So Hlophe issue is not a coincidence.

Moseneke is no angel according to the ANC so is the host of others who presided over apartheid. Is our Judiciary in crises? Can they really come up with some encouraging results? I don’t think so.


Ridwan said...

I have also wondered about Judge Hlophe and the noise that seems to follow him.

Three years ago I paid mind to his complaints about being disrespected by white judges and even a secretary who worked for him.

I started to shake my head when the Oasis case arose.

Now I am not listening so closely anymore.

Still, let the course of justice take place and the merits of his case be heard.

Peace Muzi.


Muzi said...

Hi Ridwan
The way Pius Langa and his men went dealt with this case leaves more questions, but more importantly they gave Judge Hlophe massive ammunition buy publishing theses allegations prematurely.