Friday, 4 July 2008

Wimbledon finals again

Once again the Williams sisters Venus and Serena are contesting Wimbledon. I am a fan of these sisters I am not a tennis fan, but I have my favourites whom I can spend the whole day watching them from way back starting from John McEnroe, Stephie Graafe, Martina Navratilova. Later the likes of Amanda Coetze for being a South African I could hardly see her play, Pete Sampras and the Williams sisters were the latest on my list. This Wimbledon was full of Surprises one of the Russian heavy weights was eliminated very early except Dementieva who lost to Venus Williams on the semis. Serena faced the sensational hard working Zheng Jie whom I thought won’t give Serena much problem, but she did. Serena had to dig deep into her experience to beat her.

I have heard people say they don’t like it when finals become a family affair others went as far as suggesting that the final will be decided over the Williams dinner table. Honestly the experts never gave the Williams sisters a chance. When they joined professional ranks sceptics called for their father to leave them to the pros if he wanted them to succeed. He ignored all those calls and succeeded then they moved on and said he won’t sustain the high standard he had set for the girls it is time to go. When they dominated the circuit people began to talk of family affair that is boring, that they don’t give their all or the final is decided at home. I wish for Venus to win this time her sister dominated her in all the finals in England.

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