Monday, 1 September 2008

Hooligans sport

A friend of mine was at Coca-cola Park (Ellis park) when the bokke trounced the wallabies 53-8. I wished I were there. A Friend of mine was there to witness history in the making. Peter Devilliers despite having his big guns out…listen to this Brian Habana, John Smit, Bakkies Botha, Kawkonski, JP Peterson, Jaque Fourie, he managed to inspire his charges. He got his plan right this time, he got his combinations right and most importantly he got his transformation right.

The players finally understand what he wants. At first I didn’t even understand what they mean by expensive rugby, but after Saturday I do. I couldn’t wait to hear what my friend would say about the performance. Unfortunately he came back disappointed, whites on the left stand of the Ellis Park stadium didn’t want blacks people there. They made sure that you feel unwelcome, those black who forced their way were hurled with plastic tumblers.

My friend was so scared he was wondering when the match would finish. It was his first test match rugby and he assured me it was also the last one. Not only that some white don’t want transformation in the field of play they also don’t want it on the grand stand. Most whites want us to believe that Verwoed forced them with privileges they didn’t want …nonsense whites are racists finish and klaar. Doubt those who say they are not if they really meant that.

Ironically when whites attend soccer matches they are treated with respect and people go out of their way to make them feel at home, the I wish I can say the same about whites. There were poor women who love rugby who had to leave at half way mark as they couldn’t take it anymore and they had no guy to protect them they were vulnerable to those drunk rude racists.

People pay their money to watch rugby so I hope RARFU will do something about this teach the hooligans a lesson or two. Someone asked me if Rugby fans would flock to the stadiums if the team transforms well and win the matches as well. An answer from my white and Coloured colleagues was resounding YES, but after this I am not sure they still feel the same. As for me I will watch it on screen till kingdom come, I am not about to humiliate myself even if that satisfies racist I am OK.


Ridwan said...

Muzi it infuriates me to read this story.

It is just absolutely disgusting to think that Black folk were made to feel like it was still 1970.

And for many white rugby thugs it is exactly the same though they would be quick to deny it.

In my gym here in Kimberley I often hear white youngsters and grown men make racist jokes or comments.

I am not convinced that most whites are even close to being non-racist.

Anway broer, it is not 1970 or any other apartheid year.

Peace to you,

Muzi said...

I heard over the news today about another incident at Coca cola park and media is treating this as an isolated incident when a lot of Africans indured humiliation at the hands of racists. My warning to my brothers and sisters is, Act with caution when you hear these words"not all whites are racists" because that statement is true ,but the very same person who is saying that might just be pretending.
keep on blogging Ridwan

Reggie said...

I aloing to so had a rude awakening going to Ellispark two or three years ago with my daughter to watch a Super 12 game. I became ugly when the Lions started to lose with verbal abuse being the norm- I am not surprised. It also is chilling how the Waterfloof- 4 described their viscious attack in rugby terms recently..

Muzi said...

Hey Reggie
it sad to have these conversations 14 years into a new or maybe oldish dispensation. I thought by now whites would have realised that we are not different and what those finger waging khakhi shorts beard guys told them about us was a myth.

Sean said...

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Muzi said...

You summed it up so well Sean, keep on blogging.