Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Deja vu

I was sincerely hoping that the tripartite alliance would be critical of the judgement as it is the mirror image of Judge Squires which they criticised a lot. They complained that JZ was tried in absentia by a racist white judge who comes from the old Rhodesia. Their problem was that even though it was Sheik who was on the witness stand Zuma was the one who took hammering from the judge. Fast forward to Friday the 12 of September, Judge Nicholson Judged the NPA, but Mbeki took a beating. Instead of calling that judge into order for trying Thabo in absetia they rejoiced that it is their men who won. How ironic.


Ridwan said...

Ironic indeed brother.

Some in the ANC are saying that Mbeki is behind the NPA decision to appeal Nicholson's decision.

At least our politics are interesting hey :)

I wonder if the prez is gonna make April at this pace, what you say?

Peace Muzi.

Muzi said...

It is time for him to bow out with his integrity intact or else face the ANC and it's crazy kids humiliation.

If the prez strongly believe all what he said when he relieved Zuma of his duties he should just resign. as I have said this case is a mirror of Sheik trial the results are similar and only thing missing is for the heads to roll. to answer you question he won't make April unless Zuma himself come to the rescue.