Tuesday, 2 September 2008

living under constant violence

Whilst police were executing their duties two innocent people find themselves under fire. Knowing how violent criminals are in this country this kind of a mistake is the the last, but lets do everything possible to stop the repeat. I am glad to know that the family has accepted that nothing could be done to avoid this situation under those circumstances. But I think the statement made by the Democratic Alliance (DA) that this s the result of shoot to kill command from deputy minister is very unfortunate. This is not time to score political points. I have grown to respect the DA under the leadership of Helen Zille but statement like this when our country is run by violent criminals does not help their course.

I have not facts about the whole incident but I believe the police gave warning and when they didn't stop they started shooting. Even if it was me, I would probably run under those circumstances and we all know we can’t trust some of the police. But can you put your self in the shoes of those police. How were they supposed to know that the car is not being used as a get away car seeing that is came from the scene of crime? Many time when police blink they find themselves under fire and we have lost a lot of them. I wish them speedy recovery and hope that they will be able to live their normal life again…I know life will never be the same.

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