Monday, 8 February 2010

Jo'burg Metro Police Department

I owe the city of Jo’burg R100 .00 in traffic fine. This was in 2008 I tried to pay them over the Internet but their details were not matching. I kept my money then they gave us a 50% discount savings and me I jump to the opportunity. This time I went straight to Absa bank. They told me the account number was wrong I should call the JMPD for their details. The chance of paying R50.00 went up in smoke

 In 2010 I received an email, I am not sure where did they hack to get it because I never gave them. This time they were giving me a warning that if I don’t pay they will send me a warrant of arrest. They gave all their banking details, scared to death to go to prison I ran to absa towers at Commissioner Street to make payment. To my disappointment the bank account they gave me was still wrong. I was not prepared to take chances this time I called them on the spot. They gave me a correct account number, but the problem was that the reference was not correct. Every time I called they kept me on hold and later give me another reference. I left the bank without paying, so the following day first thing I called JMPD they gave me another reference, which still did not work. I gave them the last call and I told them this should be the last time, the person on the other side told me “no you are not the only one let me take you details we will call you when we have sorted this out” I am still waiting. So much for service delivery.

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