Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Is this not the time to let the President live his life?

Just when we were  getting used to the fact that our president has entered the  race that used to be a two horse race between Kings Mswati and Zwelithini, he just surprised everyone with the latest addition to his list of 19 kids. It seems like he also caught ANC by surprise, judging by the man they chose to speak on this matter. Mr Jackson Mthembu’s story keeps changing depending on the radio station and the presenter he is talking to.

When we the world heard that Bill Clinton had an extra marital affair the world new went to over drive so was their PR department. I am quiet surprised that the ruling party not ready for this since the story broke out as early as Thursday to them. If JZ wants this to go away he must say something or it will be headline news for along time. Mr Jackson’s response that it is his private life doesn’t cut it with me. It is the same ANC that said the president apologised for having sex with out a condom with an HIV woman. That was after he had sex with another child of his friend. What do we do? we rest our case and let it go (zilime ziye etyeni) or do we make as much noise as possible?

The President is free to practice his culture, but infidelity was never an African culture and it not abut to be now either. It was always a shame in African societies so we can’t make it a fashion because our head of state does.

The Presidency is supposed to be dealing with bigger issues concerning this country, the continent and the world. Where does he get all the time to sleep with all these women? When heads of states are so bussy? I was speaking to my boss yesterday and he just doesn’t understand that if he can’t cope with one partner how come that the president, the CEO of the country get all the time for three wives, a fiancé now a girl friend?

It is a pity that the Presidency has been reduced to tabloid news about sex, sex addiction, infidelity instead of service delivery.  Can’t our president just zip up roll up the sleeves dedicate his time on running the country instead of making news for all the wrong reasons.

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