Tuesday, 2 February 2010

CAF and African Football

CAF is at it again, this is after anti climax Africa Cup of Nation that was held in Angola. This year’s tournament was in the news even before the first whistle was blown when the Togo team was ambushed in Cabinda. There was uncertainty as to whether they would play or not. Players were willing to play to honour the dead notwithstanding trauma they were going trough.

Angola’ s interior infuriated his Togolese counterpart by shifting the blame to them. Togolese government decided to call their players and sent then the presidential private Jet. The drama didn’t end there, Togo was disqualified from the tournament even though they were prepared to play. Now CAF has just added salt to the wound by suspending the poor nation from CAF activities. I wonder if Issa Hayatou and his cronies would rich the same conclusion if it was Cameroon or Nigeria who had this misfortune.
Togo didn’t asked to be shot at and they are Soccer players not soldiers who soldier on when their colleagues die.

What all know that FIFA don’t like it when the government interfere in football matters, but this one was a special case. Seeing that Togo had been disqualified already CAF should have shown compassion by not suspending them. As Jeff Moloi and his team said it last night “it is not a football matter” when people get killed for matters not related to Soccer. I am not surprised that Adebayor is calling for Hayatou’s head. I hope sanity will prevail and the suspension be lifted after their appeal.  

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