Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Steve Hofmeyer insulted me

I read the Steve Hofmeyer’s letter to Malema and I was disappointed that you find it appropriate to use racist undertones. Steve you were vote the best South African at some stage and his gatvol letter didn’t reflect that. I think it is an indictment on those who thought were as good as Mandela. What I have failed to understand with some white people, is why do they brush black people with the same brush when they have a problem with one black idiot?

On dealing with Malema Hofmeyer you went on to insult every black person not only in an African continent, but worldwide. I am not a racist at least I think so and I don’t think I deserve to be boxed in the same category as Julius Malema. I don’t believe all white people are racist but they enjoyed apartheid who wouldn’t? I can’t come and call all of them names because one Stupid Terreblanche or Hofmeyer said some stupid things about me or my race for that matter.

The fact that black people have not invented anything Mr Hofmeyer doesn’t make every black person a stupid. The fact that white people invented so many things that doesn’t make every white person a genius, I am sure you are a proof of that. I am sure your verbal diarrhoea left a bad taste in your Afrikaans music fans. You didn’t have to insult me when you had a gripe with Malema.

For your information I am not his fan and I was looking forward to your letter when I heard about it. I thought Malema at long last had his match, little did I know you are as bad. You did little for the curse of the Afrikaner folk if you did any thing at all. I hope they call you into order, because judging by your attitude you will only listen to your fellow whites. Seis Hofmeyer, who ever made you Afrikaaner spokesperson made a blunder please live it to your Dirk Herman I think they are still doing a good job without insulting me in the process of fighting for retention of their privileges

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