Monday, 10 May 2010

Gangster's Paradise

I think fighting crime in South Africa is a non-starter. I was shocked to hear that a hit man called the police after killing Lolly Jackson. Initially I thought he used 10111, but later it appeared that he called a cell phone not of an ordinary policeman or woman, but that of a Police Commissioner. I am sure law abiding citizens don’t have that privilege. Why criminals have the numbers of the most important people on crime prevention. The commissioner made some lame excuses saying he didn’t even remember the guy. I think crime intelligence is taking the people of this country for a ride. How do they keep hardened criminals in their spy profiles?

After the killing of Brett Keble the same thing happened Glen Agglioti who later confessed about the so called assisted suicide called the then Police commissioner Jackie Selebi. Their story is now everyones knowledge. The police are not forthcoming with the information surrounding loly Jackson’s murder, you asked yourself why.
They even hide the fact that Jackson’s Car was found, why?
Criminals used to live in the under world, but not anymore. Your everyday world is now intertwined with the underworld you don’t know who to trust anymore. Scary is it?


Dinah Bee Menil said...

Nice site, very informative. I like to read this.,it is very helpful in my part for my criminal law studies.

Muzi said...

Thanks Dinah are you in South Africa? if I may ask.