Monday, 10 May 2010

What did you celebrate on Freedom day?

I don’t subscribe to Motsoko Pheko’s ideas but I think the ANC leadership after reading his comment (Mail and Guardian 23 April 2010) they should pause and reflect on this so called freedom.
Pheko wrote
“27April this year gives this nation the opportunity to reflect on the journey to freedom that has been abandoned for ferry –tale destination. The burning of tyres and blocking of roads all over the country is a signal that something must be corrected before it is too late.”

He says, in South Africa most unemployed people are Africans. The poorest people are African. People who live in squalid inhuman settlements are Africans. These inhuman settlements often burn or flood, destroying lives and property. The least equipped hospitals and clinics are those that serve Africans.
The Worst or not roads are where Africans live. The least educated and skilled people in South Africa are Africans. People who have no money for education and are being educated in the lowest numbers are Africans…. yet billions of rands buy land and servicing the apartheid debt.

Nothing that Pheko said is new but we are so blind to see reality that we even defend fraudsters just because they happened to share the same skin colour as us. Shame on us!

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