Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Justice delayed is justice denied

I had just spoken to a lady of the night talking about sex work and 2010 less than an hour ago. But what struck me is what we discussed off the record. She said that she can't see her child, she can't go to her kasi(township) Mzimhlophe everyone is calling her names. All this is because Etv put her face on TV without her consent on 3rd degree, their flagship investigative programme. Asking for a recourse she claims Etv just scribbled on a piece of paper an apology. She felt insulted, cheated and humiliated and left their office without accepting their apology.

She felt that ETV had to pay her for using her face on their programme without her consent. Etv she says, “Ruined my life sengisaba nokuya ekasi” (I’m even afraid to go to my township. “I can’t face my family and now they taken my child told her I am bad” is her words as she sits stone faced on the other side of the table. I didn’t have words to console her especially now that even Tshwaranang, which is handling her case, is not calling any more.

Even though she feels that she has a strong case on human dignity and invasion of her privacy she is scared to push Tshwarang too hard in case they drop her without justice being meted out to Etv. Her case was referred to High court around March in 2009, a year later she has never heard anything despite the fact that she has never changed her number. In a nutshell this is what big cooperates do to those they deem useless and can’t fight them. We didn’t meet for this,  but I felt that it couldn’t be right that someone who works, as a prostitute should be humiliated like this. If you are a lawyer and you think you can help her leave a comment and your contact details on this blog.

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