Thursday, 19 July 2007


What do you normally do when a petrol attendant gives you one of those leaflets/flayers? You probably say thank you I don’t need it. Of course there are a lot of flyers all over the place we don’t know which one to take or leave out. In April this year whilst I was filing up at Pretoria west BP Garage an attendant gave me one of those flayers on tips of how to save Petrol. At First I took it because I did not want to disappoint him, but I didn’t throw it away anyway and later I decided to put it to the test There are simple things that we know but we normally ignore like “don’t accelerate just before you switch of the engine, don’t prolong warming up you car, don’t speed start your car, When driving try to be consistent on your speed, don’t accelerate up the hill if there is a need try to accelerate before you start the up hill etc These are the very few that I decided to use and they are doing wonders. Later I was told that this is called Eco driving… man it works. I can’t believe I am still using my full tank on the same km as I did in February considering petrol hikes that we have gone through. Try it you will save

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