Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Soccer legends

Soccer in this country is fast becoming a unifying sport. From what I have seen in Loftus when Barcelona was here, the Vodacom challenge and the exhibition match for Madiba we are on the right track. I am not a great fan of exhibition matches where you see all the has been’s trying to recapture their youth. But I think those old guys gave Madiba a good birthday present, those guys haven’t lost much of their touches even though I must admit that some of them I have never heard of them before.

The only worrying factor for me is that we don’t seem to have enough South African legends playing in these games, every time we have these big exhibition games we have the same people over and over again. With due respect to Lucas Radebe, Mark fish and Philemon Masinga… are they the only ones who played SA football? What happened to the likes of Ryder Mofokeng, Hillary Jooste, Calvin Peterson, Noel Cousins and more? Apartheid prohibited those guys from playing for overseas teams and now the new dispensation is not giving them the taste of what could have been. Mlungisi Ngubane one of the best ball jugglers this country has ever produced raised this issue last year, but it seems like no one cares to listen. Maybe it is time for Butana Khompela known for shooting from the hip in Rugby matters to shoot indiscriminately in matters pertaining to sport.

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