Monday, 9 July 2007

Police stats is it the real truth

The Department of safety and security that ironically does not keep up to its name… announced its edited version of crime statistics. Scary neh… but if you follow the news and the rate of crime report on TV and radio will understand what I mean when I am saying it is an edited version. It is like to expect America to tell the world when ever their soldier is down in Iraq. I believe news cover only a fraction of what is really going on in our streets and homes.

Back to statistics I’ve been asking myself how accurate are these statistics? I doubt they are, to me they sound like a sampling of crime. According to the Institute for Security Studies crime statistics represent reported cases to the police, but not the outcomes of the court ruling meaning the Shower man JZ case is amongst the rape cases the minister announced last week even though he was acquitted. Yes he was acquitted… A student in Durban beat up his friend into a comma and he was a charged with attempted murder. Later his friend died in hospital then the charge changed to murder, but according to the statistics that is not murder is an attempt. So how does one make sure that what we are told once a year is not an edited version of the truth? Can we really trust the police statistics?

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